Inspired by…my ginormous, awesome art doodle

Whistler arts council, art doodle

4ft square art doodle

I am actually enjoying this crazy project. I am still stressed about my looming deadline, but I now have a plan that has helped to take some of the pressure off. …

Collaboration. The act of working together.

I have decided that I am going to submit this art doodle as part of collaborative art project for our upcoming Whistler Arts Council event~ Artrageous.

doodle art

At this moment I think it’s a  brilliant idea…
Originally I was going to submit a very colorful,kind of graphic canvas. It ripped. Next I thought about a 4 foot square art doodle full of marks and images. An interesting idea, but due to time constraints a wee bit to time consuming.

This is Plan B…or is it Plan C?

I am going to supply a bunch of black sharpies, colored pencils, pencils and maybe some black ink. I am still not entirely sure how much freedom I am going to give people. That will be the hard part, but part of my process of letting go…not holding anything to dear so that I can explore further . I do know that  I am definitely restricting color to all shades of black and gray plus red and white. I think that’s a  fair deal or it could get a wee bit out of hand.

The goal…to fill this 4 ft square in its entirety.

Doodle Art

Brilliant? Not so brilliant? Am I just plain crazy. Am I going to be sitting there by myself twiddling my thumbs or do you think people will join in?

There will be lots of music, wine and wandering. There are even some other collaborative projects going on… so I think know this is going to work.

Ok, maybe cross your fingers for me….

12 thoughts on “Inspired by…my ginormous, awesome art doodle

  1. I think you have a great idea! When I was at Art Is You in Danbury this year Jodi Ohl had a canvas for everyone to use their extra paints on. 3 classes used their paints and then she finished it up and pulled it all together. You can see it on the Art Is You site I think. It was great fun. I think you’ll have a blast doing yours!

  2. Oh, my. WORD. I am head over heels in love with this…
    What are you using for your pens and colors? And can you make it into a bedspread for me? Or yards and yards of gorgeous fabric??!!!!!
    Are you really going to hand people pens and let them color it?? Is that the end point of this?
    Such a brave girl you are!!!!!!
    I signed up for a spontaneous new artist’s group showing in December and I’m so nervous. SO. nervous. Your words resonate with me about doing art online and how safe it is!!!

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