Inspired by.. the shape,color and texture that nature provides.

One hour..

One kilometer..

One camera….

113 pictures later…


Ok…I promise not to post them all.

big island, photography, flora and fauna, hawaii

big island, photography, flora and fauna, hawaii

big island, photography, flora and fauna, hawaiibig island, photography, flora and fauna, hawaiibig island, photography, flora and fauna, hawaii

flora and fauna, Big Island, hawaii, photography

flora and fauna, Big Island, hawaii, photography

flora and fauna, Big Island, hawaii, photography

And one gecko thrown in…

flora and fauna, Big Island, hawaii, photography, gecko

I love my zen time,camera in hand. Time to observe the beautiful show that nature provides. Unbelievable textures, shapes and always color.

Absolutely  madly in love with the Big Island….


Inspired and different colors.

Blogtoberfest ~ day ?

I have been trying to break free of my usual color scheme. It is not easy.

My home is painted ginger root,  my accents are always red and orange. I have been living with this color scheme for about 20 years now. I don’t know if I will ever be able to break free of it. It’s just kind of who we are now….

Interestingly, most of my art is always on the warm side….until now.

I am trying to break free…if it can only be through my art, then so be it…

My new groove is to “pin” color schemes on Pinterest and then apply them to art. Curious as to what I am talking about? Go here

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Purples and blues. I would never think to combine these colors together.

I will be honest, it’s a bit on the wild side for me. I may be a bit conservative when it comes to color…
So it was decided. My goal was to use these colors in my art exercise..

Here is what happened….

Colors used ~

  • cobalt teal
  • napthol red
  • naples yellow
  • titanium white
  • mars black

cobalt teal, napthol red

Some fun mark making in above colors and then painting out space around into some standard shapes.

mark making, texture, mixed media

Making marks..exploring texture
mark making, texture, acrylic paint
Making shapes…trying different mediums..lots of charcoal, oil pastels and ink

Obliterating all…and coming up with something new, but still within the same color scheme.

All of the above pieces created on small 8′ by 10″ inch watercolor paper. Constantly reminding myself to let go and loosen up..its only paper.

Big ideas…small committment. Explore and see if your idea is worth committing more time and energy to..

Next time I am going to try and shake it up a bit more. Less Tapestry and Blooming Blue. More Greenleaf and Natural.

Love to hear and see some of your fav color combinations!

Inspired by…texture with found objects

Day 2 ~ Blogtoberfest

Dont tell anyone around here, but I love a rainy weekend. No excuse to stay in the house and paint, draw, read and now …blog..

After my crazy week I can only sigh. AHHHH… there were a few too many days creative-less. My new plan is to set away 30 minutes a day to just play and explore with my stuff. If I get more time, great. If not, no whining because I have at least had a bit of time to do what I want to do.

So after searching my kitchen for something new and different to paint with, I found this….recognize it?

fruit and veggie bagIt’s the mesh bag from my cherry tomatoes(right) and clementine oranges(left). Grocery shopping has become a bit more fun….

These marks are going to be bee hives. More layers and depth..tweak the color and it will be all set for some bees.

I havent a clue what I am going to use these for. I don’t usually use blue. Now I am thinking that maybe these will be for bees. Oh, the decisions…

I am really loving this texture. It’s good as it traps paint in its web. It is also a great over lay to paint on top of another color. Will definitely be using again.
Blue paint…maybe not.

feeling blue

If you have any interesting textures created with found objects, please share!! It’s always good to have an arsenal of materials on hand to get the creative juices flowing. The freer the better!

Inspired by…mark making

I have spent the past couple of days trying to concentrate on painting with no game plan. No preconceived notion,no subject matter, no color plan, no direction, no nothing!

It is not as easy as one would expect..I am  amazed at how a simple piece of  blank,white paper can strike fear in the best of us.

I like to think of it as my exploring stage. A stage to help get out of old ruts…the use of the same colors, the same brushes and the same medium = the same old stuff.

mark making

1. Exploring, 2. DSC_0329, 3. DSC_0327, 4. Exploring

Exploring new possibilities.. working with different colors, different brushes and different materials.

Splatter, spray, stamp and sew.

All work is being done on journal pages so no stress. Love the freedom…

mixed media, collage

A little mixed media and collage

more mixed media and collage