Finding inspiration~Back to basics!

Every once in a while I sit down to a fresh piece of white paper and my mind goes blank. I feel like there  are no original ideas left! It has all been done before.
Inspiration - geometric {artistically afflicted blog}

At times like these when my  rosy outlook takes a little detour I usually come back to basics – simple geometric shapes and marks. No color.. just black and white.

Inspiration - geometrics {artistically afflicted blog}

It is my hope that the wonderful combination of all these shapes will eventually come together and find their place somewhere in my surface pattern design.

The days have been busy here. The ski season is slowly coming to an end, but the competitions are still on. Travel to other mountains, school trips and spring break have left me with little time to sit uninterrupted to create. I have been trying to change my ways and create in clumps of time, but I still find that my best time is when I have nothing pressing or beckoning me away from my work.

There really is nothing better than a long stretch of uninterrupted time to sit and create. I think most of us can agree on that!

MeadowBlush Collection - Julie Hamilton Designs for Modern Yardage

I am (slowly) working  on my next collection for Modern Yardage – MeadowBlush. Taking inspiration from my geometrics, I enjoyed combining different geometric shapes to make up the flowers and other elements involved in this design.

I can imagine them on outdoor pillows, children’s bedding, a sweet little summer dress…

MeadowBlush Collection - Julie Hamilton Designs for Modern Yardage

I think some ladybugs are also in order for spring. I may  also throw in some butterflies and I don’t doubt that some seeds and pods will also end up in the collection. They seen to end up in all my work.

MeadowBlush collection - Julie Hamilton Designs for Modern Yardage Fabric

My MeadowBlush fabric collection will be coming to Modern Yardage month end, right in time for spring.

MeadowBlush Collection - Julie Hamilton Designs for Modern Yardage

Have you had a look at my 101 projects to make with one yard of fabric pinboard? You can find it on Pinterest here
If you are like me and finding it hard to find long hours of uninterrupted time then this might be the answer to your sewing and crafting creations.

I am heading off today to one of my favorite places – the Big Island of Hawaii. Time to feed the soul and the senses. Pop back next week for some visual inspiration, or if you just need a hit of sunshine!



Modern Yardage ~ fresh & contemporary fabric!

I am very happy to officially announce that I have been invited to join the Modern Yardage fabric team!

Modern Yardage logo

A new digital textile fabric manufacturer, Modern Yardage is dedicated to bringing fresh, contemporary, fun fabrics to the modern sewist. Created to help solve the problems that the fabric industry faces by taking away the speculation on trends, popular print shortages and scarcity, and limited color and scale offerings, Modern Yardage is rethinking the traditional fabric manufacturing process and offering something new to the industry.

I have done the happy dance many times about this, but it still never grows old for me. I am very excited!

I was hesitant to announce it until I had the goods in hand. The Pantone chart was not enough.I needed to see it to believe it.

I wanted swatches with my designs…

julie hamilton designs,modern yardage fabric

My first strike-offs for the Willow Wisp collection

I almost drove my poor mailman mad waiting for this. He actually waited for me to open it, which was only slightly unnerving. I had visions of user error – crazy colors and no-peats – Instead, I was greeted by super soft fabric and rich, saturated color all in perfect repeat.I may have had a moment:)

Without further ado – My first collection.

The Willow Wisp Collection

julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

Willow Wisp comes to you in three colorways.  It also comes in 3 sizes! Big and bold or smaller scale ~ you make the choice on how you would like to customize your fabric project.

Lots of inspiration for your sewing and crafting needs!

julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

The colors are bright and saturated! I will add real,live shots later to give you a better understanding of the color. Sometimes the computer screen can be a little off!
julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

I can’t wait to see what others create with this design. There is something quite special about seeing your design beautifully crafted or sewn into something special. I am hoping that I get the opportunity to collaborate on some sewing projects.If you are interested, please connect with me!

For more Modern Yardage fabric and inspiration, please visit our Pinterest page!

Connect with us here!

Pop on over, meet the other designers and discover what’s so special about Modern Yardage!

Inspired by…the making of a rose.

The sun is shining,the temperature is rising and I don’t have to make school lunches this fine Monday morning. Ah..sweet summer.

It takes its sweet time getting here every year, but when it finally does arrive it is ,oh, so good. I am excited to get out on the water, do a bit of camping, spend time on the trails and sit on my patio and sketch.

louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design,roses, red, sketching, sewing

It’s the end of June and time for Louise Gales color challenge. I found this months challenge to be a wee bit… challenging. Colors suggested were not my favorites…nor was the theme. Red and roses. Exactly why it is called a challenge…

I still loved the process! It is always important to stretch ourselves creatively and work to put our own spin on something we may not necessarily be drawn to. I sketch a lot of flowers, but have to be honest when I say ~ a rose has never made an appearance in my sketchbook.

I quite like them now!

A bit of sketching and some sewing…

louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design,roses, red, sketching, sewing

Add a little digital goodness and ta-da…a collection (of sorts) is in the making.

louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design, rose, red, sketch
louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design, rose, red, sketch
louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design, rose, red, sketch

Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design has started. I am still loving it!

We just completed a two week break which was definitely needed. A chance to soak in all that I have experienced so far.A chance to brush up on my digital skills and most importantly, get all of my sketching organized, labelled and scanned. I am very impressed, and overwhelmed.. with all the information and creative exercises provided. We are back at it strong, working on our signature style and developing collections. This weeks brief was a stationary collection for a sophisticated 40 something woman. Roses are sophisticated..right? So I thought I would try to incorporate them here too… slightly different color scheme though.

louise gale color challenge, surface pattern design,roses, red, sketching, sewing
I am quite pleased with it. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice. There is a lot of close up detail (handwriting and sewing) that is a bit difficult to see.

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else approached red and roses.I just know I am going to be amazed at the creativity of some people!

If you are interested in joining in, please pop over to Louises site and join in!

I hope to be back here again this week, but it’s summer and if the sun is shining I will be out and about enjoying every minute of it!

Put your feet up and enjoy…