Thank you Artful Blogging!

I have some exciting news that I have been looking forward to sharing with you! I was a little hesitant to share it with anyone at first, I didn’t want to jinx it, but here it is in all of its glory. Ta da!

Artful Blogging ~ {artistically afflicted blog}

Thats right! I have been featured in the summer issue of  Stampingtons Artful Blogging magazine. It is a publication I have been admiring for some time now and am thrilled to be a part of it!

It is a little hard to come by in my neck of the woods, which makes it very special when I do get my hands on a copy. I have many a Stampington publication all lined up nicely under my coffee table. Their magazines cover many topics – art jornaling, photography, jewellery and lots of other topics all to do with handcrafted goodness. They do a wonderful job offering inspiration to artists everywhere.

Artful Blogging ~ {artistically afflicted blog}

I  would love to share the entire issue with you! This is just a  little sneak peek.

It is a beautiful, visually inspiring, look into the creative life of a global bunch of bloggers.It is filled with beautiful art, photography and written words all about their journey.
Artful Blogging ~ {artistically afflicted blog}


There is something quite wonderful about seeing your creative journey in print. I have been blogging now for almost 3 years and they did a wonderful job of pulling together pictures that capture the essence of what my blog is all about ~ the creative process, all the different medium used to tell your story , and the never ending  work in progress.

Artful Blogging ~ {artistically afflicted blog}


Along with my excitement and happiness, I have to admit to a feeling of nostalgia . I couldn’t help but  spent some time going back and re-discovering old  blog posts, laughing at my first attempts at art and remembering the butterflies the very first time I posted pictures of my art.Oh, the many paths I have followed to where I am now! It covers all the courses I have taken and most important the community I have surrounded myself with.

Way back in July of 2011, I remember thinking to myself  “what are you up to?” I really didn’t know at that time, but I had a faint idea of where all of this was supposed to lead.

I wanted to meet a group of like-minded creative souls (check). I wanted to become an artist (check).  I wanted to document my journey to gauge my accomplishments…and failures (check). I wanted to make a living as an artist (half-check) There is still lots to be accomplished!
Artful Blogging ~ {artistically afflicted blog}


Thank you very much Stampington & Company! I am honoured. Thank you for my moment!

To everyone here ~ Thanks for being part of the journey!


Say YES to 2014!

Happy New Year to all my friends near and far!

I have a few minutes peace here. An hour, maybe two if I am lucky, to just sit, sip tea and think about the holidays.This is a rare moment right now. Our home and life here in Whistler is alive with the hustle and bustle of happy times. Amidst it all, I am finding a spare moment to reflect and set a few goals for the upcoming year. The chaos will continue for weeks to come, but if I can find a small sliver of quiet time daily all will be good.

julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

At this time of year I can’t help but feel melancholic. I am so grateful for the health and happiness that we are  surrounded by right now. I am grateful to have my friends and family together.I am grateful for the supportive and positive community that I have surrounded myself with this past year.

julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

My creative journey has been such a large part of my life these past two years. This blog and everything within – stories and work from fellow creatives, the trials and tribulations of creating,accomplishments (and a fair share of rejection too). All of these stories help make help make up the fabric of my life right now and it all makes me smile. It’s just awesome!

Thank you to each and every one of you!

julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

Sharing my intentions for 2014! I am hoping you will all hold me accountable. I am a bit of a dreamer as you can probably tell as I doodle my way off into 2014.

Thinking of lots great things…for me and you!

julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

If you are interested in creating your very own intentions for 2014 I really enjoyed Do What You Love’s   New Years Revolution. It is very well thought out and a great planner for the year. (it’s free!) I am a believer in pen to paper for all intentions. It has a bit of sticking power and great to review monthly. Have a go!

Wishing you all the best throughout the holidays and into 2014!

Inspired by…taking flight with kelly rae roberts!

I am taking a moment here to reflect on the past year and to share with you a special opportunity taking place over on The Fly Tribes blog hop. Unfortunately, I will not be joining my tribe this time around as summer has found me skipping two steps behind with a very full plate involving lots of surface pattern design and website development all mixed in together with summer holidays and lots of kids in and out. I have some pretty big goals and dreams, but they will have to wait until September!
inspirational quote, creative process, Christine mason miller

So one year ago, on a whim, I decided to take part in Kelly Rae Roberts  “Taking Flight” ecourse. I had read her book, also named Taking Flight” and, as most, was very intrigued by her story. Its hard not to be inspired by someone so passionate about following her creative dreams and better still, making them happen.

I had been playing around with my creative self and discovered that I absolutely loved the process. Paper,pen, paint ,photography – any medium was fair game. At this point, turning my love into a creative business was hardly an option as I had no idea where to turn or what to produce. A perpetual student at heart, I decided to go ahead regardless and take Kelly’s course, if not to discover my direction then to at least meet a group of like-minded souls with a passion for creating.

inspirational quote, art journal, motivation

One year later, here I am . As one that started out with no direction or creative goals, I have gone forth, put myself out there and in the process discovered what makes my heart sing. For those that follow my blog and my creative journey, it has been a long year with lots of experimentation – stamping, stitching, and spraying paint around on anything and everything. Fortunately, I have found a way to combine all of my passions into one through my surface pattern design studies. More importantly though I have discovered a very wide and diverse group of like-minded souls from all over the world- all ready to share and inspire, critique and encourage and help point me in the right direction. If it wasnt for these people and their support, I am not sure where I would be. A very big thank you to my Fly Tribe! And a very big thank you to you! My online creative clan.


Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you in love with the creative process, but unsure of your direction? Do you want to start your very own creative business, but not sure how to go about it? Do you want to meet other similar souls?

Well Kelly Rae is offering her Taking flight ecourse once more! It will be her final one as she continues on her own creative and life journey. It starts this September and all information is here.

Now the great news – want to win a spot in this class? Well jump on over to The Fly Tribes site for all the information you need to win one of 16  free spots available to YOU! I told you this group was pretty awesome!

While you are over there participate in the blog hop and read others stories about their creative journey. You never know, there just might be one inspirational tidbit that helps you find your way. I hope so!

I hope everyone’s summer has been full of long, lazy, sunshine -filled days! I promise to be back in September on a more regular basis.

Inspired by… Rex Ray and a collage a day

Welcome to the world of Rex Ray~ Great name. Great work.

Have a watch..

After watching this video I just wanted to climb right up there beside him on the desk and have a heart to heart chat about his journey, his experiences and generally what makes him tick. I believe we all need a mentor to help guide us on our journey. I have decided I want him to be mine.

Rex…just text me!    ( because it doesn’t hurt to put it out there..)

I love everything about this video ~ his work, his attitude and how he represents himself. What struck a chord with me was his daily collage work.. Oddly, I stumbled upon this video just a few days after I had made the decision to try to create a daily collage.

Serendipitous?? ..I am taking it as a sign from above..

As you may know, I love paper. I may even have a paper problem. I have stacks of it. I have been known to secretly retrieve it from the recycling.

There are moments when I am not so proud of my artistically afflicted ways…..

rex ray, design, collage a day, daily collage

I have been spending the majority of my creative time these days working on my intuitive painting skills.Very enjoyable, but I do find that I often need to step away from it every so often just to give my canvas a chance to rest, recuperate and regenerate.
rex ray, design, collage a day, daily collage

Collage, especially with a limited palette, is a  breath of fresh air. I dont struggle as much with it. Right now I am sticking to homemeade papers, pen and thread… but I know I wont be able to resist adding  some paint in time.

Playing with textures and composition.  The theme for this group is “Out of the Woods”. I have incorporated a lot of my homemade woodlike paper and birch bark from my very own birch tree.
Rex Ray, daily collage, moosehead,art

One of my goals for this year is to actually build up a body of work. Instead of flitting around from project to project, my goal is to  concentrate on working within a theme/subject. Spend some time thinking about the subject at hand and finding different ways to represent the same subject. I have been trying to work on this concept with my poppy paintings. Why not do the same with my paper projects?

A small part of my brain also thought it may be beneficial for my upcoming surface pattern design course… Well it seems that Rex also thought it would be beneficial and who am I to argue with his success.

So my friends I leave you with this..

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Every time I question the what and why of this whole creative journey, I come back to this ~  I love all the possibility. I love the zen like feeling and the a’ha moments I have when creating. I may never reach my ultimate destination, but what entertainment it has been along the way.

Inspired by.. a better, brave, intuitive me!

So sad. My time with Flora Bowley is over…but only for the time being…

Flora Bowley, Bloom True, intuitive acrylic painting,

I am 8 canvas into this brave, intuitive way of creating.. Some almost finished, some on their way to completion, one..or maybe two,  waiting to be totally transformed.

I am in awe at how much my painting technique, and  dare I say.. style, has transformed over the past 4 months since my first meeting with her.

I can honestly say that I believe this has become my way of creating. Simply…its a process that I love. It has offered me a whole new shiny perspective on how and why to create.

I was in amazement after my first weekend course with her last November at the Annex. Now 3 months later, having just completed her Bloom True ecourse,  I am even more grateful and still very awe-struck. I believe our paths will cross yet again. My time with her is not finished… there is still so much to be learned.

To date..

I have learned to be open to suggestion. To let loose. To have patience and let my painting develop. It takes time to build to build a village…

intuitive painting,Bloom true

I have learned to embrace color  and use it with wild abandon. The option to tone it down later is always there. Acrylic paint is flexible! I have learned volumes about color mixing by just playing with no worry about the outcome.

Brave intuitive you, Flora Bowley, intuitive painting, mark making

I have learned a multitude of new marks and brush strokes.  I have become quite ingenious at coming up with  new devices for mark making…oh, the things that are now covered in paint. I have also been very open to using lots of different medium from alcohol ink to paper to thread to achieve different marks.

Brave intuitive you, Flora Bowley, intuitive painting, mark making

I have learned the importance of depth, transparency, value and contrast. Now I am learning how to put them into play.

There has been a lot of learning go on around here for the past 4 months!

Trust me when I say there have also been many moments of  tears and  frustration. What would a creative journey be without a mixture of tears and triumph!?

I have been hesitant to blog too much about Flora’s process. Mainly because I believe it is so much more than just painting. It is a way of thinking. A way of approaching your blank canvas with loads of possibility. It is a way of  discovery and most important self-awareness.

I still have a little chuckle when I look at all of my work. All I really want to do is produce just one piece of “Floresque” style painting. Just one… But, try as I might I have been unable to pull it off. Flora has so much skill, intuition and, most importantly, love for what she creates. It comes very naturally to her.( I can’t tell you how many underpaintings I would have happily purchased…just to watch her paint over them in a completely new direction..)

An aside here…I am not for “copying”, but I do believe there is alot to be learned by trying to copy.

I have studied how she combines color~how she makes her imagery pop ~how she creates so much depth.These are all lessons to be learned by observing and trying. Unfortunately..or fortunately, the beauty of this style of painting is that you kind of get lost in the process. So while I am still striving to create at least one piece in her style I am willing to bet I will never be able to achieve it. I don’t have that much focus!!

I have, therefore, asked my husband to just please , pretty please, buy me just one of her paintings. Fingers crossed!

In closing all I have to say is ~  Flora, you have rocked my creative world. Your work, your teachings and your words of wisdom have all made me a better artist . Thank you!

A special thank you also goes out to Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love. Floras partner in the creation of this online course. Another special woman who is rocking the creative world. You have to check out her About page. I love it!

If anyone has any questions about either Floras on-line or in-person painting courses please do not hesitate to email me. I have lots to say and love to talk about it!

Or you can just click here for all information..Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}

Until we meet again….

Inspired by…artist trading cards

Artist trading cards…little treasures of original artwork. Fun to create and very fun to receive. I have written before about the how and why of artist trading cards before here.

I just received these two cards last week.Theme ~ Flying

artist trading cards, ATC
Lovely Liza of Liza Zeni ~ art, design and inspiration
Her beautiful, very unique, illustrative work definitely resonates with me.
artist trading cards, ATC
Kelly Hoernig ~ where nature meets creativity
Very talented mixed media artist. I love her creative use of materials. I can’t stop looking at the card she created for me..and it can’t stop looking at me…

I have them propped up on my window sill. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of them and I cant help but smile. I love them.

There is something very special about receiving a little piece of artwork from someone you have only connected with on the internet. I read their blogs and follow their creative journey. Now..I have a little piece of them.

That is special.

I also have to admit that it is ,oh ,so nice to receive actual handwritten mail.My children were very envious.

These are the two cards I created for the swap.

artist trading card, atc's , kelly rae roberts

artist trading cards, ATC, kelly rae roberts

All of this giving and the wonderful feeling it generates has inspired me to play more! I have just signed on with my Kelly Rae Roberts Flying group to participate in a monthly ATC card swap. You can check out their cards here on Flickr. Our theme for this month ~ Dreams and Wishes

My current dilemma is how to display them so that I ,and others visiting, can enjoy. Everyone seems to loves these small works of art.

artist trading cards, ATC One idea is to store them in these trading card folders. This one I commandeered from my sons Pokemon collection. Supposedly these folders can be picked up at any toy store. A bit too plastic for my liking. I think they deserve something a bit more for their presence. Great for storing though.

artist trading cards, ATC's

Another idea I had for them was to display them like any artwork. You could base it on theme or color. I just placed these in randomly, but I am liking the idea. As I write I am also thinking it would be interesting to frame just one with a big mat. That could make quite a statement.

Oh, just thought of something I saw on Pinterest. Off to find it..

After: Handmade Photo Frame

So far, this is my favorite! I think I would use smaller clips though. I believe I have seen really small clothes pegs at Michaels
Handmade photo frame (with the how-to) courtesy of Talia Christine

Would love to hear of any other ideas that may be floating around out there. If you have a link, please include it! Thanks!

Christmas Carol Singers at our doorstop. A yearly tradition around here that I love!

6 more days!

We wish you a merry christmas..we wish..

Inspired by…my creative community

I am lovin’ my creative community. A group of like minded souls coming together. All age,shape, size, color and nationality. Many different forms of creative medium.

I am only three months in to this community of fliers and I already feel a connection with these women, part and parcel of a collective, creative journey. A community that constantly encourages one to push past boundaries, be brave and believe in themselves. Inspiration at its finest!

I was a little hesitant of joining an online creative group at first. Unsure of the rules and etiquette around blogging and online communities, I stood silently on the sidelines. I watched and listened as those around me reached out first with their creations,slowly added their stories and personal life and finally their souls.The enthusiasm and support I have witnessed has been overwhelming. There is so much LIFE going on within the group. I feel very special being a part of it all. I have to be honest, I also feel a wee bit guilty if I stay away for to long!

Big Blank Page of Possibility..

Have a little peek into their lives. Have a look at their creations and listen to their story.

I think you will like them as much as I do!

Amaranthine Violet
Amy Hillenbrand
Beatriz Peñas B.
Beth Cougler Blom
Carmen Patti –
Carol Bray
Christina Fajardo
Cindy Jones Lantier —
Connie Rawlins –
Dana Brock –
Deborah Velásquez-
Elissa Brown-
Hillary Courson —
Jacquie Williamson –
Jane Paynting
Janet Forrest
Jennifer DeVille
Jill Lambert –
Julie Hamilton
Kanchan Mahon –
Karen Claverie
Kari DeSaulnier –
Kathleen Conard
Kathleen McKinnon-
Kathy May-
Kelley Miller
Kelly Corso-
Kelly Hoernig –
Kim Hyer-
Kris Lanae Binsfeld –
Lenore Angela –
Linda Barutha —
Lisa Michele Products –
Liza Zeni Baker –

Lori Leissner–
Lori Moon —
Mary Sterk –
Megan Schmitt
Melanie Douthit
Michelle Dwyer
Michelle Reynolds –
Rachél Payne (Rae)
Rain Hannah –
Rhiannon Connelly –
Ruth-Mary Smith
Sherry Richert Belul –
Shirley Ann
Stacey Chadwick Brown –
Susan M. Walls-Beverly –
Teresa Cash-Czech
Tina Carlborg –
Tonya Love –
Ursula Smith
Zulma Cadena

Inspired by…mentors, goddesses and rockstars!

I have just read about an exciting online event The Worlds biggest Summit  taking place in October.

I believe it could be one of those awe inspiring events that will add many a’ha moments to your life (Its free!)

100’s of inspiring  teachers discussing creativity, spirituality, business, health and wealth. I got all excited just reading the line up…I wish I could type faster..

Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way and many other international bestsellers all dealing with the subject of creativity. I am sure there are many of us out there still doing our morning pages (or at least thinking about them…)

Christine Kane.  Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She is president and founder of Uplevel You. A course inspiring the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives. She is a rock start! No, seriously she is an accomplished folk singer and song writer. Sign up for her newsletter…it is inspiring!

Danielle Laporte Love! All about inspired living, rocking your career, ruthless compassion . This woman is passionate! She is sassy!  Ever heard of the Spark Kit?( formerly The Firestarter Sessions). It is a digital program for creative entrepreneurs. It will ignite you into action!

Sark. The succulent wild woman herself.Founder and the creative force behind Planet Sark. I am sure many of you have seen her wildly colorful and inspiring art journal books. “a colorful collage of invention,surprises,soaring and seeking”

Many others including Jessica Swift and Jenn Lee will be offering up their own stories behind their creative journeys.

Ok, you will just have to see for yourself!

Well maybe not, I am having a hard time embedding the video.( its on youtube)

All of this presented by Goddess Leonie. Definately a goddess in my eyes!

I am in no way affiiated with this…but one day I hope to be just as inspiring, knowledgable and forthcoming as some of these women!

Dont we all need a little of this in our lives!?

And its free!!