Inspired by….a deadline

Oh goodness, what have I got myself into this time…

I thought I would embrace the art community. The “real” one. The one  where I live.

Up until now I have been concentrating on my “online” community. The safe one.The one where everyone wears rose-colored glasses and loves your work. My kind of community!

I applied for our upcoming Art Council “In your dreams” event . I was accepted. All good.

I started my project here. Unfortunately it was brought to an abrupt end when this happened. in peace

Yes, that is a big rip in my canvas. A gentle reminder that while it is fun to spread out on the floor with your canvas, it can also be a hazard to leave it there.Wondering why I am painting on the floor and not at my easel? You must go here

The life and times of the artistically afflicted…it is a hazardous life indeed.

I am still not entirely sure how that rip got there. I have blamed the dog, my children, providence…
In time, I will accept that I am the only one to blame.

In my artistically afflicted kind of way. I can imagine that I leaned it up against something because the floor became too full with paper, glue and paint. The desk was already busy with my sewing machine. The kitchen table with my computer and journaling material…

Can it be fixed? Well, that is to be determined…all suggestions are welcome!

So with one week to go and no extra canvas hanging around, I have had to come up with Plan B


doodle, large scale art

4ft by 4ft doodle -y- do

A 4ft by 4ft doodle. All to be filled in by next week. Easy.. if I wasnt leaving to Seattle tomorrow for 3 days. Easy if I didn’t have to do a million other things…

Which once again brings me back to my original question.
What have I got myself into this time?(It doesn’t even fit on the dining room table!)

It is all beginning to feel very reminiscent of exams…shouldnt have gone out the night before..

I can feel an all nighter coming on.

On the brighter side of things….at least I have a project for my Creative Everyday goal!

Ahh, the joys of rose-colored glasses!

21 thoughts on “Inspired by….a deadline

  1. Ideas….Roll up the doodle, put in a tube an take it with on your visit with Flora. Work on it a night there?
    Can the canvas rip be worked into the piece….do a mixed media approach to that area.

    All I have for now Missy! Have a great trip. Can’t wait hear all about it take tons of photos!

  2. I stayed up one night working for hours upon hours on a piece for an art show. Near the end, my hand and my eye felt like they disconnected from one another. My brain couldn’t process what my hand was doing and my hand couldn’t follow my mind’s command. It was like being on drugs, I imagine. Ahhhh, the price of being an artist.

  3. Just looked through your blog, and it’s inspiring. And also a bit manic – in the best possible way.

    Hope you manage to get your canvas sorted. Would it be possible to add tape to the back and try to mask the damage with paint?

  4. I like the suggestion mentioned above about using the rip as part of the artwork. And taking the doodle along on your trip. Who knows? You might be able to complete both…?

  5. Oh, this new piece is looking so cool. You can do this, I know you can. You could always take some paper and pens with you on your trip, doodle away and then when you get home cut them out and glue them to the larger piece. Make it a collage of your doodles. Happy Weekend!

  6. I’m wondering if you couldn’t attach something on top of the rip- like repainting that flower, cutting it out, and attaching it over the rip. then you could attach more elements in other places to balance??? good luck with your deadline!

  7. Definitly some great suggestions for fixing, I was thinking about the rose coloured glasses myself, can feel quite safe. I do really like your work. Have fun in Seattle, Blessings Amanda

  8. a rip in the canvas??? nooo!!!
    All I can think of is to tape the backside and then either cover it on top with more paint or incorporate a 3-d effect. sigh…
    you doodle project is daunting to me, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  9. I actually started a painting today on a canvas that came with a tiny rip. I am hoping that gesso will be enough to repair it, but if not I will probably do a small amount of collaging in that area. I was trying to do a more painterly piece instead of relying on mixed media, but it might be necessary. If anyone has any other good suggestions, I’d like to hear too. Can you do anything from the back?

  10. I love this painting, please try and repair it, I love Deborah’s idea and also I looked at the youtube link too – that’s great I think you should definitely try this out and I reckon you’ll be able to touch it up no worries. This painting is definitely worth saving X Let us know how you go. How exciting to be excepted into the art event, this is wonderful for you!
    You are going to have sooo much fun with Flora (o: I’m super excited for you – ENJOY xxx

  11. How about adding some rough, imperfect stitching around & over it? Maybe with a deep magenta embroidery thread? Let strings hang. ? It’s so beautiful you can’t throw it out! Or maybe paste a photo over it?

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