Inspired by creative momentum

The month of May has turned out to be a bit of a whirlwind taking me from Surtex 2013 in the heart of NYC to the wilderness of Vancouver Island B.C. for a week of camping.Its been busy and it’s been fun.

julie hamilton designs-artistically afflicted blog
I am really enjoying the app PicCal.( A big thank you to Sam Osborne and her Month in the life of a designer series for introducing it to me)

I often get a bit to caught up in my creative life and have that crazy feeling that I am one step behind and  not accomplishing all that I have set out to do. By arranging a visual diary of my month, I realize that I actually have been super productive and on track!   Below are some of the bits and pieces I would like to share with you.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

The making of my handmade business cards is slowly coming together. How much fun is it to create your very own, one of a kind, business cards?People love them. It’s like giving a tiny piece of your art to someone.

I will post more pics when they are finished.
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
Coming soon online and to a store near you! Keka Case  are developing a beautiful line of Ipad and Kindle cases for all your fashion needs. I am very pleased that my designs will be gracing the cover of these.I will keep you posted !
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
I had a super opportunity to spend the day with David Olson, storyteller extraordinaire and Community Director at Hoot Suite. I sat and listened to him tell stories all day long! He is animated and fun~ a joy to learn from. I thought I would share some of my notes with you.Speaking of social media…
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
A little reminder that social media is free. Please use it to your best advantage. I did!

Stay tuned for more..

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
My #365patterns  project continues.I thought this pattern was kind of fun and perfect for a summer BBQ!  I have to admit that due to the circumstances I didn’t create a pattern every day for the month of May, however, I did make an effort to at least sketch a motif daily. Lots more over on Instagram.
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
Finally, a little something I had fun with while camping in the rain in the wilderness of B.C. A reminder to just get inspired by whatever the circumstances. Create daily! Keep the creative juices flowing.

Its been a busy and very productive month! I feel a sense of accomplishment~ a good motivator to just keep at it.

Thanks for dropping by!


From inspiration to pattern making

Finding inspiration on morning runs on the Big Island of Hawaii.  So many unusual shapes and textures native to the Island all begging to be picked up. I almost tripped a few times on my own feet.

Sharing my inspiration ~ journal page
 artistically afflicted blog~journal page-inspiration floral

Playing with shapes, colors and different textures found and finding inspiration for pattern making.

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

Playing with ideas and having some fun. I am not sure how the paint chip pattern came into play, but why not! I try not to think too much, but just have fun putting together the pieces of the puzzle. These patterns are all a work in progress, left to sit and be tweaked upon later.
artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

For me , finding inspiration is all about starting and  getting the creative juices flowing. Some patterns I will love, others, not so much. It is all part of the pattern making process.Sometimes they just need a few days to sit and wait to have fresh eyes upon them.
artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs
All patterns contributed to #365 patterns on Instagram. Come on over and join in.

I am always in need of more visual inspiration so click here to follow me on Instagram~ I will be sure to follow you back!

Inspired by…a bit of creative living

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I have my little bliss list all ready to go. I am enjoying the moment it takes to stop and reflect  on all the things I am grateful for. Keeps the spin on life positive.

I have to admit I was a bit down at the beginning of the week. It always takes me a little while to recover from vacation time. I love all the change, excitement and discovery that comes with a holiday. I am a creature of habit and tend to get a little stuck in my old ways and routine here at home. I need and crave the fresh perspective that comes with a little change.

Feeling happy now and really making an effort to add a little something new into each and every day. I am calling it Creative Living

Make creative thinking a part of your daily life. Ask questions. Vary routines. Do the unexpected. Creativity becomes more accessible when you learn to act more impulsively in your everyday life. Change starts your creative juices flowing and makes you more observant of whats going on around you. Nita Leland

So my first little big bliss this week ~ Mixing things up to spice it up.

art, journal, collage

Very appreciative of the time I have had this week to sit and be still. Spent lots of time observing with my camera and then pen in hand. Lots of journaling…

art, journal, doodle,

art, journal,doodle

A little collage…Slowly getting back on track with my daily collage.

collage, art, journal, butterfly,paper

collage, art, journal, butterfly

Also fely very lucky this week to have a little extra special bliss from the lovely Dion Dior and Luminarte . I won a spot in her Mastering Twinkling H20s class!  I am always grateful for the online creative community that I have become a part of. It is such an encouraging (and generous!)  gathering spot to hang out.

Have a look at Dion’s blog for more inspiration! She creates really beautiful work usually accompanied by some inspirational thoughts.. You will definitely be hearing more about this class from me!

As your week comes to an end, I hope it finds you happy, healthy and feeling a little blissful. If you would like to share please join us over at Livs blog with your own little Bliss list.

Have a happy weekend my friends!

Inspired by…the 30 day challenge (not the special k kind)

I have always been a little intrigued by the 30 day challenge. It is a short enough time frame to actually endure, but long enough in that it could actually help incorporate into your lifestyle. This is not my first 30 day challenge..

  • I have gone gluten-free for 30 days
  • I have exercised daily for 30 days
  • I have written “morning pages’ for 30 days
  • I have taken a photo a day for 30 days
  • I have definitely had  a glass of wine a day for 30 day
  • I have been caffeine free for 30 days…(that was ridiculous)
  • I have cut all white food from my diet for 30 days

Now I am just starting to sound like I am a little off my rocker.

Am I still doing any of these things on a daily basis? Well, no. But, I have been interested in all of them at one time or another and cared enough to try to incorporate them into my lifestyle in one small way or another. If you do anything long enough it can’t help but just become a part of your routine.

Blogtoberfest.. 30 days..30 posts..

My new 30 day challenge comes at a perfect time. Fall in Whistler.

Cool, damp rainy days. Shorter days. The snow line creeping down the mountain. A time to cosy up and settle in for the long, snowy winter months ahead.

I believe Blogtoberfest will give me an opportunity to stimulate my creative juices for the long winter months. I am hoping that it will form a community of sorts with lots of inspiration. If you would like to come along for the ride then come on over here.

ripples of inspiration

Ripples of Inspiration

Do I have a game plan? No! We will see how that goes for me.

I will continue to write about art, photography community and my own creative journey. I may throw in a weekly theme. There will be lots of photographs. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged!!

I would love it if you stopped by to leave me some encouraging words!

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011