Top tips from Surface Pattern Designers!

A little shout out goes to Ali Benyon of Ali Benyon Designs for her Top tips and tricks for Surface Pattern Designers!

Recently Ali has created  2 blogposts with tips and tricks from a global bunch of surface pattern designers from all stages of their careers. I was fortunate to be included and shared a few of my own pearls of wisdom.

I found that all of the tips and tricks were applicable to anyone in the creative field from artists to start up entrepeneurs.

Inspirational quote {artistically afflicted blog}

There was lots of good advice. I walked away with a sense of comfort knowing that it’s not just me ~ this creative business is hard work! It demands that you show up everyday, you practice, and you believe. March forward, head up!

It…is….a….long…..process… (I am always in need of a reminder about this)

Deborah Velasquez, quote, authenticity

Art by Deborah Velasquez

It was interesting to read everyone’s take on being unique and staying true to yourself and your style. It seems that this is a little something that all of us struggle with. It doesn’t surprise me ~ we are visual artists, we love to look at art and more often than not we are inspired by it. I think it’s normal to want to try different tricks and techniques in a style not your own. It’s a great way to learn BUT realize that you have to make it your own. You have to add your very own signature style to it before you call it your own.
artistically afflicted blog

There was lots of advice about practice, patience and perseverance, a  few tips about color AND a great reminder of all the routes you can take in this profession. I often forget all of the endless avenues for your art so thank you for that!

I won’t give anymore away. I could spend hours discussing the ins and outs and how and whys of the creative process, but then that would take away from hours that could be spent just… Making Art!

Make Art – Make more Art – Enjoy the process = your time will come!

Part one is here

Part two is here

A big Thanks to Ali for bringing us all together!



Inspired by…the 30 day challenge (not the special k kind)

I have always been a little intrigued by the 30 day challenge. It is a short enough time frame to actually endure, but long enough in that it could actually help incorporate into your lifestyle. This is not my first 30 day challenge..

  • I have gone gluten-free for 30 days
  • I have exercised daily for 30 days
  • I have written “morning pages’ for 30 days
  • I have taken a photo a day for 30 days
  • I have definitely had  a glass of wine a day for 30 day
  • I have been caffeine free for 30 days…(that was ridiculous)
  • I have cut all white food from my diet for 30 days

Now I am just starting to sound like I am a little off my rocker.

Am I still doing any of these things on a daily basis? Well, no. But, I have been interested in all of them at one time or another and cared enough to try to incorporate them into my lifestyle in one small way or another. If you do anything long enough it can’t help but just become a part of your routine.

Blogtoberfest.. 30 days..30 posts..

My new 30 day challenge comes at a perfect time. Fall in Whistler.

Cool, damp rainy days. Shorter days. The snow line creeping down the mountain. A time to cosy up and settle in for the long, snowy winter months ahead.

I believe Blogtoberfest will give me an opportunity to stimulate my creative juices for the long winter months. I am hoping that it will form a community of sorts with lots of inspiration. If you would like to come along for the ride then come on over here.

ripples of inspiration

Ripples of Inspiration

Do I have a game plan? No! We will see how that goes for me.

I will continue to write about art, photography community and my own creative journey. I may throw in a weekly theme. There will be lots of photographs. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged!!

I would love it if you stopped by to leave me some encouraging words!

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

Inspired by…a dream.

goethe, "inspirational quote"

I have definitely been inspired by a dream. A creative dream..a business dream?Possibly!

I am currently a participant in a Kelly Rae Roberts course inspiring and challenging us to live our creative dream. I jumped into this course head first.

It has been an amazing journey filled with many life and business lessons backed up by a wonderful community to support even your wildest dreams.But, it still leads me to the unanswered question…what are my creative dreams?

spaark mind-mapping

I have too many to concentrate on just one!

I spend all my spare time creating. I photograph. I journal. I paint. When I am not creating, I am thinking about what to create next. My mind is open and my thoughts fly freely. ..Sometimes I almost have too many ideas.

Unfortunately with all these dreams and ideas bouncing off each other I  have been inflicted with a  state of inertia.

But I have a plan! Will keep you posted.

Dreams really do come true…but only if you allow them!