Inspired by love in the air

Love is in the air around here. My son is sitting at the kitchen table making a beautiful valentine ~ for someone else.

My hopes for a handmade card have flown out the window. He is crushing on another girl. I had to run out tonight and buy her heart chocolates! Lucky girl.
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Both my husband and daughter are away, but fortunately I have a few of my bestest girlfriends visiting so, please don’t worry, there will be lots of love around this household.I think I may still have a valentine or two coming my way.

artistically afflicted
I have spent my week playing with paint chip cutouts and hand-drawn hearts in all shapes and sizes.I have tried some different color combinations, but pink seems to keep sneaking in.

artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
My goal to create a pattern a day for #365patterns has been going really well. I am 11 days in and learning tons.I just finished Laura Coyles Automatic Pattern course and I can’t say enough great things about it.Pattern making has just become a lot easier, more seamless!
Pattern a day has oddly put my creative journey into perspective. It takes time popping out these patterns and I only have so much time in a day. So while I want this journey to be well on it’s way~ I have accepted that it’s going to take time and I have been content with my daily progress. I like having something to show for my efforts at the end of the day.My portfolio is slowly increasing in size, I am developing my style and thankfully loving this process every step of the way.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
I am really liking this color combination. I love pink, but I tire easily of it.I am loving yellow greens these days.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
There are a lot of hearts flying  around this household…
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design

I hope your week of love is wonderful. It is a bit of a silly holiday, but it never hurts to spread the love around, so why not!?

Sending lots of love your way.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design


Inspired by valentine love

Who doesn’t secretly love a valentines card? A little hit of color in the middle of winter.

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I have my hopes set on a big, homemade card covered in pink tissue paper and lots of glitter. I think those days may be over, but you never know.I know they can read – lets see if they actually read my blog.
Remember these?
artistically afflictedI love the  emerald-green feather ~pantones color of the year and a feather motif~right on trend for 2013, but made 10 years ago!
This is last years card from my teenager. Hastily put together with a sharpie on plain white paper and placed under my pillow the night of feb 14th. I laugh now, but this was delivered after a rather curt speech from me about lack of appreciation etc.
artistically afflicted bl
Hmmpff- at least it was something.
Gone are the days when they would excitedly present me their  homemade cards.
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My homemade valentine cards(efutos) are going out to good homes this week. One is being mailed off to the aforementioned, my lovely daughter, Olivia.It’s her first year away at school and I know she will be secretly pleased to receive a pretty valentine in the mail.
artistically afflicted blog,julie hamilton
I admit it may also be a bit of payback as her mail tends to circulate the house before it actually gets to her. I am sure lots of eye rolling will accompany this card in its travels!
artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton

The other is…sorry, undisclosed the moment, but only because I want it to be a nice surprise.

Pretty paper packages enclosed.

artistically afflicted blog, efuto

I hope everyone has a lovely week. Sending you lots of valentine wishes xo

Inspired by~the fine art of procrastination {papercutting}

Would someone please come over and do all of my christmas baking? I dont know what has prompted me to start a new project in the final days before christmas. I swear I had very good intentions christmas shopping the other day, but then I came across this.

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton

Still trying to figure out how I ended up in the craft section – no cranberries there!

Well, what was I suppose to do ~ with my new found love for papercutting, I had to throw it in the cart.I justified it by deciding I would make some pretty, homemade card sets to give out for Christmas. It’s December 20th.

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton
“Tis the season to procrastinate! Would love to hear how you procrastinate during this busy, holiday season?

Enjoy your holidays!