me, myself & I
Me Myself and I

I am Julie Hamilton.

I am a Surface Pattern Designer living in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

I am passionate about paper, pen, paint and photography.

I am a perpetual student. I have 9 letters after my name…and hopefully more to come.

I love to laugh.My wrinkles are just crazy, smile lines.

I am an upcountry girl living in a backcountry world. (world class backcountry, mind you!)

I am happiest with a camera in one hand, paint brush in the other.

Ar-tis-ti-cal-ly Af-flict-ed  verb. to be in a constant state of creative chaos due to an overactive imagination that is always questioning “what if?”

Artistically Afflicted is the sharing of my creative journey with you. It is the inspiration that comes from design, a certain line, mark, pattern or color that we connect to. It is all about those a’ha moments. 

This site is a work in progress ~ very much like myself.

I am excited to meet a group of like minded souls. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

Please contact me at jules@bollah.com  if you have a story to tell!

art, creative process, journey



16 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I find great joy in knowing I am not the only one that has has so many different careers. I was once a massage therapist and healer. I went to design school for interior as well. I too agree that being a mother is the most challenging thing I have ever said yes to but the greatest thing as well.

    Keep the inspiration coming!

  2. Beautiful, inspiring work Julie! Thank you for sharing you talents. I’ve been exploring intuitive painting, myself, after painting in a more traditional impressionist style for about 17 years! It’s a breath of fresh air, isn’t it! Love your blog.

  3. 5.Do you have paint, pen or any other medium adorning your body right now? Maybe a random piece of paper accidentally collaged to your backside? Do you even care? i always have paint on me somewhere, currently on my shoe! and a note on my hand reminding me to buy more paint!

  4. Wow, love your blog, your work! I could be in trouble. I try not to spend too much time reading stuff online but this is going to be a temptation that is hard to resist. : ) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi there – so happy to meet a like minded soul and a Canadian (like me – Montreal) at that! I came across your site by following back your view to my site. As soon as I saw your work and read just a bit about you and your work I had to make contact. I will spend more time on ur blog once in my laptop! Let’s connect okay!

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