Still inspired by… Flora Bowley

flora bowley workshop

All I want to do is get down and paint! If those are not the lyrics to a song…they should be.

flora bowley workshop

Just had a fantastic awe-inspiring weekend of creating at a Flora Bowley workshop ~ Bloom True.

Flora Bowley workshop
I have had my eye on her workshops for a while now, but unfortunately they have always been a wee bit too far to really consider. How excited was I to discover that Artfest Annex was hosting one of her workshops in Seattle? Very. An opportunity not to be missed.

Flora Bowley workshop

endless color

Oh what I would give to have a few more days surrounded by a group of like-minded souls creating with no distractions. Time spent exploring art and friendship. It doesn’t get any better does it?

Flora Bowley workshop

her apron matches her artwork..

Flora Bowley…where to begin? Big smile, easy-going. A free spirit.Very grounded , but with a tendency to sing out her words. I smile as I write because there is just something about her that makes me chuckle. I like her!
I believe my first encounter with Flora was on a rainy Sunday morning, latte in hand, blog hopping through my other world. I instantly fell into her artwork. Her color scheme, her use of organic shapes and her marks all drew me in. What I was most intrigued by though was her layers. I love layers. I love to stare at a piece and each time discover something new. Never ending layers each peeking through. It makes me want to sing!
Having spent a weekend with  Flora, I now get it. She has fun with her work. She surrenders herself to her paintings and paints from her soul.She doesnt over think the process. She commits to little.She only keeps what she loves and will easily paint over hours of work. She is willing to change her course at any time… What you see is what you get! And trust me…its lovely!
I am proud to say this woman is definitely artistically afflicted… She has the courage to constantly question her work. To search for what she wants to portray.To let go….all lessons we need to embrace as artists.She gives me hope!

Flora Bowley workshop
As I mentioned in my previous post, I not only walked away with a whole new arsenal of tips and techniques to apply to my own style of art, but I also learned some very valuable lessons. Because really now.. it is all one in the same.

Flora Bowley workshop

Heather grooving to the tunes

Floras workshop was held at the Artfest Annex in downtown Seattle. You must check it out! I will now go  on to sing the praises of Teesha Moore. Another soul in the art world who has inspired many with her art journaling and Art festivals.This woman has created a beautiful awe-inspiring art studio. High ceilings,wood floors, brick walls and flooded by natural light.To top it off you are surrounded by her big, bold beautiful art work.Insightful art work. One cannot help but feel inspired here.

Flora Bowley workshop

Beginning marks...

Flora Bowley workshop

finding images...

Still not sure how I got from this to this….but I know it involved a lot of layers,more marks,standing on my head and ….letting go.

flora bowley workshop

finished product...

An awesome weekend was had by all.
For me personally….I think it may have been a turning point.

Thanks ,once again, Flora!!

For more info on Flora and her wonderful course, click here!
Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}

P.S. A sneak peek of Floras new book…coming out soon! Watch out for it!

Flora Bowley book

sneek peek....


29 thoughts on “Still inspired by… Flora Bowley

  1. Thanks for sharing – i LOVE FLORA!! she is such a dear kind talented being and a WONDERfUL facilitator, teacher, artist – I love seeing posts about her workshops – the best!!!

  2. How can someone NOT be inspired by Flora, right? Plus, I’ve been to Teesha’s Annex too and it’s such a great space! So I’m sure it was a very special weekend! I’m happy for you! Love your paintings too!

  3. Flora rocks!!!

    I just did a workshop with her in California … it was AMAZING … loved all the freedom i felt as we all got messy with the paints.

    what a wonderful post!


  4. oh, man. after reading this i know that if i were a painter, that is where i’d want to be. looks incredible! i am really loving your poppies; they are magically radiant.

  5. This looks so amazing, I can’t wait for her book to come out! Thanks for sharing your experience. I absolutely love your ginormous doodle- I’m sure it will be a success.
    Clare x

  6. Julie,
    Loved reading your post. Your words just sing off the page. Sounds like you had an incredible time. Your piece are just so gorgeous and inspiring. I want to paint now! Looking forward to her book, might need to get a copy.

  7. I can’t believe what you started with and what you ended with. I really like it and it reminded me of my younger fingerpainting days. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  8. Great post! I discovered the magic mystery of Flora’s art only a few months ago, via the DO WHAT YOU LOVE e-course, and my jaw dropped. I now have a dream of attending one of Flora’s workshops. How fabulous that you got to spend so much time with her, painting! And your final painting is gorgeous… I love this technique of layering.

    Oh, and Teesha Moore…! Another one i discovered only a few months ago, and again, i’m blown away by such colorful creativity. I LOVE her work as well.

    Thanks for posting Julie…

    • Thank you! It was pretty fantastic and I would recommend to anyone trying to get out of there comfort zone. Teeshas artwork is also beautiful and brave! She had huge prints up on the walls of the studio…so much to see. Julie

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  10. What an awesome workshop. I love Flora’s work and am dying to do one of her workshops one of these fine days. Doing a workshop with Flora AND being with the amazing Teesha and Tracy Moore is just a huge bonus.

  11. Thank you for sharing! It looks like you had an awesome time at Floras workshop and your artwork is beautiful!! I attended one of her workshops earlier this year and it was a wonderful experience. Wini xo

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  13. so fun to hear about your time in flora’s workshop…i was lucky enough to be her assistant in a workshop in yorkshire, england last may…completely amazing! and so inspiring!

    best wishes!

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