Inspired by ~ my word{s} for the year

I am not sure if this is a good way to start the new year but I am re-posting {gasp} I am re-posting my own post mind you!

I am blogging over at Tigerprints new youblog and wanted to share my love for the word of the year to all so doing a bit of double duty here. If you have a moment, please go and have a look~ designers worldwide having their say on design.We have just started, but I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

I would also like to share this with my Fly-Tribe group who are doing their annual word of the year blog hop. Its always interesting to read what words are inspiring others. Have a look here to join in!

So without further rambling, here it is ~ my 2013 { will be bright and shiny!} post.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

Blank slate of endless possibility

It’s that time of the year where, amongst all of the holiday chaos,I feel the excitement and need for new beginnings. A new start and with that some new year resolutions. The typical resolutions come to mind ~ eat less and better, exercise more, go to bed earlier….

Unfortunately, none of these resolutions really excite me on my quest to become a better me.. and, in typical fashion, by mid January I fall into my old habits.

 julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

A few years ago I was introduced to Christine Kanes word of the year. I love this  concept and thought I would share it with you in hope that you may like it too.

The premise is simple – one word that encompasses your intentions for the year. One word that brings you clarity, a word that will attract what you want, regardless of the how.

A word that contains energy, images and meaning, A word that your heart and soul gets excited about

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted,typography

 I am ignoring the how and concentrating on the what and why of my resolutions.I am concentrating on possibility and opportunity. A belief that what I wish to happen, will happen.. (It probably wouldn’t hurt for me to cross my fingers as well)

This process may sound a bit daunting. A feeling I can attest to as I sit here surrounded by words! Do not fear ~ she has a very handy worksheet here to help you on your way.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

I have always had difficulty coming up with one word so over the years I have created a collage of relevant words that all resonate with me. These words are designed to capture the essence of all that I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. They help to serve as gentle reminders. I keep them close at hand,ready to reflect upon, as I go about my daily life.

Wishing you lots of good health and happiness this new year.

Make it your year to shine bright!


Inspired by ~ the holidays

Wish you were here!

Whistler, B.C. Julie hamilton images

Whistler, British Colombia

I am sitting here amongst the christmas chaos ~decorations strewn throughout the house,a fridge full of leftovers, one group of visitors gone and the next arriving shortly. I love living in a resort town, but it can be very hectic during the holiday season, especially a snowy one.

Whistler, B.C. Julie Hamilton
A sigh of relief though as I sit here quietly surrounded by family, great music,food and holiday cheer.  I am full to the brim with gratitude.

As busy as this season is, I love the excitement and energy that the holiday brings with it.

Feeling very content.

Whistler, B.C. Julie hamilton imagesWhistler, B.C. Julie hamilton images

My gratitude extends far and wide and includes all of you.Thank you!
Julie hamilton, typography, surface pattern design

Wishing you a very happy holiday season! xo

Inspired by…creative cat-napping

big huge labs, mixed media, collage

everything always looks a wee bit better framed...

Taking a little break from intuitive painting. It is definitely my new found love, but one that deserves quick spurts of creative and mental energy. If I spend too long sitting and thinking and trying to see, I find myself getting a wee bit grumpy and frustrated.

I am not a patient person when it comes to creating. I like to work and get it done. Unfortunately, I lose my passion for the creation as time progresses. I then find myself staring longingly at the new blank canvas waiting…patiently.. for its turn.

The other day I had to physically lie down and take a nap. My canvas was leaning up against the wall. Half dozed and fully relaxed I found myself just looking at it, eyes half closed. I was amazed at all the different scenes I saw transforming before my very eyes.

Could this be the secret? Afternoon cat naps?!

I am thinking that they are definitely a thing of my future. I would suggest to all…try it! Instead of throwing up your arms in despair.Take a break. Relax and close your eyes. Let it evolve. When you approach your painting from a clearer, more laid back perspective, great things happen..

My husband is going to love that I am now promoting afternoon cat naps…

Painting does not come easy to me. I struggle with it which is exactly what intrigues me the most about it. I love a challenge and for me, right now, this is it. Slowly I have learned that I do need to step away..and take a deep breath or two ( or a nap now!)

mix media, collage, art journal

So what’s a girl to do for a little mindless, creative fix??

mix media, collage, handmade papers

I play with paper.  I cut, I glue, I sew.

Sibella Court, mix media, collage, inspiration

I find inspiration in books and magazines. I find layouts and colors that intrigue me. I go through my paper stash and put things together.

collage, mix media,

It’s very relaxing  and doesn’t require as much brain power as painting. No worries here about how to mix the perfect shade of purple or create a beautiful distressed back ground.. Just find the piece of paper that best resembles what you are after.

Rip and glue….
mix media, collage

There are so many beautiful handmade papers out there.(Dont forget to check out your local paint and paper store too.. have a little read here to find out where most of the paper for these collages came from!)

A great start to the week. Hoping it’s great for you too…