Inspired by…exhausted by…intuitive painting

Oh my goodness I am exhausted. This whole new brave, intuitive way of painting is slowly killing me. ..It is also cluttering up my home.

I am surrounded by canvas all begging for attention. All waiting for me to find something, some imagery in them. I must have at least 5 canvas on the go right now. Some intuitive style, some not. I think I am going to start turning their faces to the wall.

Pick me…don’t you see the huge orange poppy? your favorite poppy pods?..No, pick me I am so a birch tree….oh..and I have some birds in me too..What about me? Pick me, why dont you love me? I have been sitting here for over three months.. waiting…  I have potential, you’ll me…..

There we go…silence.

My favorite is now, in desperation, asking my children to find images for me. I asked my teenage daughter what she saw in one of my paintings. All I got was a “seriously?” you expect me to find something in that mess. My younger son, on the other hand, was able to find an entire, very complicated NYC skyline.

If I see one more bird , tree or flower emerge from all of my mark making I may scream. Really now…why cant I find a lovely figure or maybe a sailboat?

It must all  boil down to the subconscious. What do I do when not painting and living life? I doodle.

I doodle big bold flowers, leaves and fields of dreams. I guess it is only natural that I then keep seeing these images emerge in my paintings.

doodle,art,big flowers, pen and ink,

I think it may be time to sit down and scan some magazines and books. I need to build up a repertoire of  new images in my art journal.

So, just because, I have posted a few progression in progress, mind you. (There is no such thing as a finished painting around are not safe from gesso until you leave the house:)

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

making marks

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

sorry…white balance a little off..but you can start to see images..

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

outlining images..choosing colors..

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

still working color…

Close to being finished, but not quite. Definitely inspired by Flora, but trying to make it my own. Adding lots of texture. I am not one for transparency. Still need to add all the icing…more outlining and images to draw all the colors together. Also need a smoother transition from light to dark.

Any other suggestions? Please……

Hold onto your hats for this one. This one is full of flowers and birds of all kinds.

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

mark making..warm and cool colors..

Amongst it all I was thrilled to have found this…

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

I see a barn!..seriously? do you see it?

In a 24″ by 24″ painting covered in marks, I found this little 3 inch section of what looked like an old barn and some rolling hills and now, all of a sudden, I have a game plan!!

intuitive painting, workshop, flora bowley

I see a village coming on…

Sigh of relief…I can only take so much braveness…I am actually still not that brave as I am still finding images “precious”..I have to be willing to turn this canvas upside down and re-work it…that still makes me quiver in my boots..

This has hours of attention coming its way…

In a nutshell,I love intuitive painting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is such a fun, free wheelin’ process. Everytime I work a painting this way I learn oodles of information~ be it a mark, a texture, a color combination or an image. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to just paint and see what happens. I am constantly surprising myself…and this, my friends, keeps the love for painting alive and well in me.

Only three more weeks until Flora Bowleys online course Brave Intuitive You. I can’t wait. I have worked with her in person and written about her here..and here..oh, and here too.

All of a sudden I feel like a bit of  stalker…

My weekend with her was all I hoped for and more, but I feel like I only scraped the surface of this whole intuitive painting style and my potential. I am so excited to explore this concept more.

I am open, willing…. and brave.

Join me!

For more info on Flora and her wonderful courses, take a peek here! Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}


12 thoughts on “Inspired by…exhausted by…intuitive painting

  1. I can totally relate to your post – I’ve had difficulty seeing things in my paintings and refuse to go down the bird route but then there’s the flower route or houses…..Which is why I sometimes decide beforehand what they are going to be but not let it affect the first few layers of the process. And I also feel that the workshop was just the beginning of learning this process. I see the barn and the village and the countryside with hills….

    • Michelle, great comment. I have been thinking lots about planning my outcome just a little bit…I like hearing about your thought process(and always love seeing your work on your blog…). I may try this approach. Crazy about the bird thing…I am constantly seeing them, but have never added them to my art. Julie

  2. Julie, it’s nice to see you continue your intuitive painting journey. I have a huge canvas that I am working on and I can’t wait to see what it becomes, too. This is fun, isn’t it?Happy painting.

  3. You paint what you see everyday, I live in a big city and my pics are about that , not landscapes. I think what your environment is , is what inspires you. Don’t fight it!

    • You are right…but you know I have always worn rose colored glasses…and why I live here in my beautiful bubble world:) I believe I paint to get away from it all.Still trying to figure it all out.
      I am enjoying your pics..please post more!

  4. Julie, I love your flowers but maybe that is because I see concrete every day and seek nature whenever I can. Someday, I want to learn to paint. I can see the barn and the village. I look forward to seeing your progression.

  5. Incredible!!!! When I scrolled through the blogs I follow and saw this I was pretty sure I heard a choir singing in my head when I saw your work…….keep at it…I love working on larger canvas…I tend to let the inner child out and use broad and sweeping strokes…the results are always fascinating…looking forward to seeing more soon!………and thank you!!

  6. I love that you are reigning in your children for help!! And I love their response 🙂 Your work is beautiful. This year, my intention is to let go, not be so precise and particular – get messy, a little careless. You inspire me ❤ Enjoy your Flor Bowley class!!

  7. I love when you mention the kids…It could be a series for the blog…Conversations with my children…

    BTW why do to you need new imagery. The birds, the flowers etc…that come up so often in your work is you. I find your work consistent in style, why do you fight it? You have a style , when so many do back flips looking for theirs. You know that magnetism, charisma you find in people, your paintings have that same energy. You got it going on! Anyway, will you take Flora’s class again in June with me?

    • Oh, that was a very good comment. You are right…I love drawing flowers, birds,swirly,girly things! I need someone to remind me often that that is my style.I am so used to drawing them, but for some unknown reason didnt think of painting them. My girlfriend was over painting yesterday and mentioned the same thing for me. I think its hitting home…slowly. Thank you!!

  8. So beautiful and inspiring, Julie! Thank you for sharing your experience. I haven’t tried intuitive painting, but hope to down the road. Enjoy your upcoming workshop and happy creating!

  9. Oh Julie, i think my heart stopped a few times as i scrolled down & saw your intuitive paintings. Amazing. So so inspiring. i think i heard trumpets & chirping birds in the background as my eyes set on those incredible colours & compositions. 😉
    Even your doodles are fabulous. You don’t need new subjects – your heart belongs with the flowers & birds – such beautiful energy. Thanks for posting!

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