Inspiration by airmail

It’s Friday and my weekly goal of spending some time art journaling has been accomplished. Two efutos complete!

I enjoyed searching through my old stash of paper and combining my favorites to make these lovely, mixed media handcrafted envelopes.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

I had even more fun organizing all of my paper.Lots of old treasures re-discovered.I am amazed at some of the obscure places I have  found wonderful, patterned paper.Start looking around~ it’s everywhere!
julie hamilton, artistically afflicted
The plan was to get rid of just a wee bit of paper ~to make room for more, but truth be told, I didn’t get rid of one single piece (although it is nicely color coded now). Instead,I have decided to recycle it into these pretty paper packs.
julie hamilton, artistically afflicted
I like to share and if you promise you will put it to good use and make one of your very own envelopes, then I would love to send one your way.
julie hamilton, artistically afflicte
One of these efutos is accounted for and being sent out to the lovely Bethania Lima.
Bethania is a fellow designer and friend. She is an active commentor, always positive and enthusiastic. She is a great contributor in our community and her design work is beautiful too!

The other efuto is homeless, but could be coming your way. All you have to do is say hello.

Are you interested in spreading some mail art love?

I am loving this concept and plan to spend some time this weekend exploring the online world for others who do the same.I am hoping to start a series Stamped with Love showcasing others who are also inspired by this.Email me at or leave a comment if this interests you. I would love to link to others and show your work on my blog!

I will have more info, and of course efutos, here next Friday.
If you havent already checked out the online directory The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers then you must. All created by efutos! Check out the new blog too. It’s going to be good with lots of pattern and illustration activity.

Have a great weekend.


14 thoughts on “Inspiration by airmail

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  2. Julie! I am the one laughing at myself now. I was reading the post and thinking that I was going to make a comment just to see if I would be lucky enough to get one of those efutos and I am still holding a big smile on my face because along the text I realised I already was one of the owners! So happy. WHat a beautiful act of kindness, dear. So hope chilean post helps us this time and I can put my hands in this keeper. Very sweet of you, dear Julie. A wonderful way of starting my day. Thank you very much!

  3. HI Julie!

    I too love MailArt but i mostly make postcards from leftover cereal boxes…..i’m embarrassed to say i have no idea what an efuto is exactly.. But if you like you can pop over to my blog and see a few postcards….the picture on the header is a postcard and if you scroll down a couple posts you’ll see another one with a butterfly……so let me know if a postcard maker can join in the fun……Hugs! deb…..

    • Deb, those are beautiful. I love that you make them on the back of old cereal boxes.What do you attach to the backside? I will keep you posted on my plans for this…when I figure out exactly what they are! Julie

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