Inspired by…a walk on the wild side

Solvitur ambulanto ~ it is solved by walking.

I love to walk. It is one of my favorite pastimes.  It is rejuventing and refreshing. The body moves, the mind calms. Some of my best problem sovling comes when out for a walk.

You’ll find the answer as you go.

walking,solvitur ambulatndo,attention to detail, whistler,

solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walking I have been hitting the trails for a good couple of hours daily. It has been a winter wonderland here in Whistler.We have had over 8 ft of snow alone in March, 4 ft of which fell last week. More snow is on its way….

I have mixed feelings about snow in March. The days are longer and the hope of Spring is in the air.I actually let myself daydream about long summer days. Something I would never allow myself to do in February! It is important to embrace the  weather here otherwise it makes for a very long cold winter.
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walkingBluebird days make the going a bit easier.
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walkingTaking time to notice the show that nature provides.
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walking
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walkingStocking up the creative well with images. Love walking and paying attention to all the detail around me.
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walking
solvitur ambulando, cross country skiing, whistler, walking

My favorite walking companion…Caribooo

Take the time. Admire the view Enjoy the journey.


P.S. Sorry Flytribe girls…no cute shoes here! Its all boots,ski boots or snowshoes over here. I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a barefoot kind of girl. I am either in ski boots or barefoot….or flip flops when life is really good!
If you want to see some really cute shoes check out our blog hop over here at The Creativity Tribe.
I feel some online shopping coming on…


Inspired by…my words

My words for 2012

word of the year

I couldn’t pick just one!

There are three areas of my life that I want to concentrate on this year.

Body ~ Mind ~ Soul

Unfortunately I couldn’t come up with one word that encompassed the big picture. Connection was close, clarity would have been better.I was in search of a word that would tie it all together and make it as one since these areas of my life are so closely entwined. If one falters, so do the others..

It was then that I decided to come up with a number of words and create a collage of relevant words just for me. While I quite like my collage of words, I would prefer one word so all suggestions are welcome. I know it will come to me eventually.

journal,art , writing

I have created this on the first page of my spanky new 2012 journal.Soon to be filled with notes,tidbits of inspiration, quotes, goals to accomplish, lots of writing…LIFE!
It is close at hand, ready to be viewed when needed. My goal now is to break the areas of my life into smaller subsections and smaller goals.

Body ~ health, fitness, diet

Mind ~ creative curiosity,knowledge,clarity

Soul ~ spirituality,family, community

word of the year, christine kane

The process….I am still working on it…

Stream of consciousness writing. Discovering words that resonate with me. Words that have meaning in my day to day life.A plan of action. This is the year to tie up all of the loose ends I have created.

art journal

Lots of blank pages. Lots of art and writing to come…

 2012 art journal

Solvitur Ambulando ~ “it is solved by walking”

Stretch your body, stretch your mind, stretch your soul.

Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace and power in it~ Goethe

Happy New Year,my friends! I wish you all a sparkly, brand new,blank slate of endless possibility! xox

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