What does your creative process look like?

Do you ever wonder how other artists and designers come up with their creative ideas?

I am creatively curious!I love to see the process of how one’s mind works from start to finish.

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This week we have the lovely Majo Bautista, a fashion and surface pattern designer from Milan, Italy. I love how she describes herself and her work – whimsical,bold,colorful and free. Majo is all and more!

She is a  passionate, hardworking and a very supportive member of our surface pattern design community. Today, we get to find out how her creative mind works!

What inspires you to create?  I’m inspired by everything around me; daily life is filled with exciting ways and forms that light my creativity-bulbs! I’m fascinated by colours, shapes and textures found in nature and am enchanted by children’s drawings and handwriting.

Where do you look for your inspiration? I keep my eyes opened wherever I go… you never know when inspiration is going to pop. I also use internet, books and magazines 😀

Brainstorming…I love how Majo’s process starts with words!

artistically afflicted blog- Designer Majo Bautista

What medium do you like to create in? I usually start my work with pencil or fine-point pens, then scan them and work with them on the computer. I also use my old but very handy and portable bamboo wacom.

( I am super impressed with Majo’s animated pics below – did I mention she is very talented!? Click on the picture below to see.)

artistically afflicted blog- Designer Majo Bautista

Do you keep an art journal? How do you keep track of all of your ideas and inspiration? I’m not very good with journals even if I’ve tried to keep them since I was little… I’m not even good with keeping an agenda, hahaha. I do have sketchbooks, but I also use loose paper sheets. oh… and my iPhone is for sure a great tool to keep my ideas saved, either with a picture or with a quick note 😀

( Click on the picture below to see It’s also animated!)
artistically afflicted blog- Designer Majo Bautista

Do you work on just one design from start to finish or do you have a number of different designs on the go? I usually work on a project from start to finish, but sometimes start sketching many and then choose one to complete.

artistically afflicted blog- Designer Majo Bautista

Do you prefer to design for a brief/competition or your own personal inspiration? I like both… Coming up with a theme to work on isn’t always easy because there are many ideas in the air, but whether I choose the theme or it is given to me, I always try to come up with my own personal concept to work with.

artistically afflicted blog- Majo Bautista

What time of the day are you most creative? Night… I’m not a morning person and during the day I get easily distracted.

Majo will be teaching a course all about Repeats in Adobe Illustrator starting Friday June 7th. The course looks great and is full of information ,even how to prepare your files for Spoonflower!  More information below.

artistically afflicted blog

About the course: 

I’ve partnered with the awesome team of Skillshare to teach Reign Repeats: create perfect repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. The class is for surface pattern designers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, crafters and anyone else who is interested in pattern design using Adobe Illustrator.

You’ll submerge in the wonderful world of patterns, and learn how to use the basic Illustrator tools to bring to life your ideas. You’ll learn how to create a repeat, both the old-school way and using Illustrator CS6 new Pattern Tool. At the end of the class you’ll be able to create your own designs for you to use however you want; for example, to sell your own fabric on Spoonflower. To help you get started with this, you’ll create a repeat for a Spoonflower contest as part of the final project.

I’ll explain you how to get your hand-drawn sketches vectorised (even if you don’t have a scanner), how to apply colour and then easily re-colour your design to create new colour ways, the different types of repeats and how to make them, and how to solve most of the common problems that arise when using Illustrator. I’ll also teach you how to prepare perfect files for you to get your best results on Spoonflower.

At the end of the class, I’ll choose the top 15 designs and will showcase them on my blog and Facebook page. For a week I’ll ask my readers to vote for their favourite designs and the top 3 voted will receive some fab prizes donated by Spoonflower.

This course will be packed with lots of useful info, helpful resources, and inspirational interviews from great designers that have come to reign repeats. If you can’t wait to get your ideas on to fabric or any other printed surface, don’t miss the class… enroll now! http://skl.sh/11jgtzb

I am off to the wilderness camping for the week. No running water or power. I am excited, but I have a sneaking suspicion I may have to escape to civilization for a wee bit. I have a few licensing deals in the making that I am excited to share with you and I believe they will be announced this week. Funny, how that works!

Hope your week is sunny. Please pray for sun for me.

There is something about the poppy

I have a bit of a strange attraction to poppies. I love their whimsical ways, all their different colors and their podlike sidekicks.There is nothing quite like a field of poppies swaying in the wind,especially when it’s a field  somewhere in the french countryside.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

I must have 1oo’s of pictures of poppies in all their glory .

A 4 month sabbatical in the south of France and it was hard not to come home with a picture, or two, and a sketch. That is a whole other blog  ago which I have never even mentioned here! (If you feel like an afternoon escape you can follow my family of 4 through a 4 month adventure, full of mishap, in Europe at http://www.lifeinaoncetime.blogspot.com. It seems like a lifetime ago.
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

I have started to incorporate my poppy drawings into the pattern world, but I have yet to do them justice. They are not BIG enough or whimsical enough yet. I find I am much looser with them in paint. In the digital world I am finding the pattern part a bit restricting.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

I am starting Michelle Fifis The Ultimate Guide to Repeats today and I am definitely hoping for some insight into this.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
For now I will continue playing with positioning and different ways of representation for my #365 pattern project.It is easy to whip up a pattern, but it takes lots of tweaking to get it just right. #365patterns is a good starting point, but I have to remember to go back and continue to work on my daily patterns.
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog
And a coordinate just for fun! There is a small part of me thinking that I may start to create some digital download scrapbook pages and clipart so my mind is all about coordinates these days. I will keep you   posted.
julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

Have you had a chance to check out Skillshare yet? Skillshare is an online global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing.

I have two colleagues teaching there next month and I think you may be interested. The first is Faye Brown of Faye Brown Designs. She will be teaching Typography  how to communicate effectively through the power of typography – starting June 14th, 2013
The second course is Reign Repeats learn how to create perfect repeats in Illustrator taught by Majo Bautista. Starting June 7th, 2013 she will teach you everything you need to know to create a design to submit for a Spoonflower competition.

These women are  both  knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

Never stop learning!