time and patience..

I am going to need to read this on a daily basis. My own personal mantra or pep talk. Time and patience are my friends.

I know that I am not the only one out there who continually wonders “what the heck am I doing all of this for?”. This now applies not only to my artwork, but also to my blogging!

I feel like I have been struggling with this question for most of 2011. I spend hours creating. When I am not creating I am planning what to create next. I go for a walk to clear my head and BAM..more images to paint.I see images in my sleep. Its exhausting.

I am feeling like a bit of a crazy woman. My studio is a disaster zone. I spill paint on the floor and I barely wipe it up. I leave my paintbrushes in water overnight.The cap stays off the glue. I dont even know THIS person!?  My poor children have suffered the wrath for less.

I know that I should feel content having discovered my happy place, but the questions continue. Is it really possible to do all of this “work” without a game plan? I am tiring of my daily, left brain nudge, questioning why?

I started blogging because I felt I needed to focus on a direction.It doesnt necessarily have to be the right direction.. A blog about art and inspiration could only add more happiness to my life. It would surround me, hopefully, with a collection of like minded souls. I am not committing to doing anything with my artwork, but lets say I am finally thinking to myself “self, lets make a go of this and see where it leads you.”

So the big beautiful mess continues. The blog will also continue to evolve. I am hoping that a theme will magically present itself… as always, any and all suggestions are welcome. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I need to consider them a bit more thoroughly before putting them out there. Until then I can only hope that I spark a wee bit of inspiration and hopefully encourage others out there to take a leap and try something new for themselves.

Find your happy place!