Inspired by love in the air

Love is in the air around here. My son is sitting at the kitchen table making a beautiful valentine ~ for someone else.

My hopes for a handmade card have flown out the window. He is crushing on another girl. I had to run out tonight and buy her heart chocolates! Lucky girl.
artistically afflicted
Both my husband and daughter are away, but fortunately I have a few of my bestest girlfriends visiting so, please don’t worry, there will be lots of love around this household.I think I may still have a valentine or two coming my way.

artistically afflicted
I have spent my week playing with paint chip cutouts and hand-drawn hearts in all shapes and sizes.I have tried some different color combinations, but pink seems to keep sneaking in.

artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
My goal to create a pattern a day for #365patterns has been going really well. I am 11 days in and learning tons.I just finished Laura Coyles Automatic Pattern course and I can’t say enough great things about it.Pattern making has just become a lot easier, more seamless!
Pattern a day has oddly put my creative journey into perspective. It takes time popping out these patterns and I only have so much time in a day. So while I want this journey to be well on it’s way~ I have accepted that it’s going to take time and I have been content with my daily progress. I like having something to show for my efforts at the end of the day.My portfolio is slowly increasing in size, I am developing my style and thankfully loving this process every step of the way.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
I am really liking this color combination. I love pink, but I tire easily of it.I am loving yellow greens these days.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design
There are a lot of hearts flying  around this household…
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design

I hope your week of love is wonderful. It is a bit of a silly holiday, but it never hurts to spread the love around, so why not!?

Sending lots of love your way.
artistically afflicted, julie hamilton,surface pattern design

Inspired by #365patterns

A pattern a day? 365 patterns?

The thought makes me a wee bit uncomfortable.

artistically afflicted

When I was first introduced by the girls at Caravan shoppe/blog to this concept, my first thoughts were “Fun,definitely challenging,will definitely take a peek, but no, cannot do this!”

Well, here I am ~ 4 days in~ and all is good.My thoughts have calmed and I am feeling confident about the project.

It’s fun. It’s slightly addictive. It already has a great community of designers involved so there is the  added bonus of connecting with others.It’s inspiring!

Most importantly for me though is ~ creativity everyday.

artistically afflicted blog
Day 1~ My thoughts turned to panic as I thought of the endless days ahead having to create with a goal in mind. It’s easy to doodle here and there and splatter some paint on  a daily basis, but to create a finished product is a whole other thing. That, my friends, is stressful for me.
artistically afflicted blog
Day 2- My thoughts changed to acceptance.This will be a challenge, but a process that will have me exploring new ideas and ways of representing life around me.It will have me finding inspiration,creating and improving my digital skills.

My goal is to be creative everyday. Explore new motifs, play with colors and start the process of patterning. If I complete  a pattern a day then yippee for me. If not, I will at least be one step closer.
artistically afflicted
Day 3 – My thoughts have changed from fear of having to create to  a feeling that there are hardly enough days in the year for all the patterns going on in my head.

Once you start creating, creativity has this odd way of  finding you. You start to look at things in a different way, ideas start flowing.You start to become more aware.Big sigh of relief

It is going to be a challenge and there will be days that I may just pop out a single motif, but the importance here is to just be creating.

I am working hard building up my surface pattern design portfolio and right now I can’t think of a better way to get the creative juices flowing than to be challenged by others to just get down and do it.

Thanks to Melanie and Alma of  Caravan blog.  More details for you over on their blog.

Interested in joining us?Please do!