Inspired by…a passion for pattern

Welcome to the Passion for Pattern Blog Hop. So happy to have you join us!

I hope you have had a chance to visit Anna Dents blog on the hop, just before mine.If you have arrived here and would like to start at the beginning, just click on the link here and you will begin at the lovely Claire Smillies blog- the talented designer and creator behind this blog hop.
surface pattern design, julie hamilton, artistically afflictedEveryone involved in the hop is passionate about pattern. I have laughed many times  when I have heard mention of seeing pattern in their sleep. I know this well! Designing prints and pattern is addictive-similiar to putting together pieces of a puzzle.

Pattern is all around us. If you stop and look at your surroundings you will discover it is everywhere. From the grain of bark on your front yard tree to the blooming flowers on your back deck. We are surrounded by pattern.

I have been fascinated by the colors,pattern and textures of nature forever. Most of my work is inspired by my surroundings and handcrafted by pen, paint, paper or photo.Lately I have been trying to stretch my imagination and work on lots of dfferent subject matter. Sometimes I  just need a little help from my friend…

surface pattern design, julie hamilton, espresso cups

Sometimes I just need to get out on my bike to find a little inspiration, or at least think about getting out there.

julie hamilton, surface pattern design

Most of the time though my inspiration is found right in my very own backyard. Nature plays a very big role in my work.

surface pattern design, julie hamilton

surface pattern design, julie hamilton
surface pattern design, julie hamilton surface pattern design, julie hamilton

Sometimes you just have to sit back and have fun. Many of my doodles have found their way into the digital world.
surface pattern design, julie hamilton
I am still unsure of what I would like to have my work featured on, but for now its very fun putting it on just about everything!

surface pattern design, julie hamilton

My vision is of a diverse portfolio that ties in all of my creative passions in an artful way.I am very excited, but have to keep telling myself – practice, patience, perseverance – it is all a very slow, but enjoyable process.One that I am approaching with eyes wide open!

Next up is the lovely Simi from Simi Designs. She has a wonderful sense of color and I look forward to having some of her work in my home one day. Hop on over here to visit her!

I hope you enjoy the very diverse and wonderful work of all those participating.

Thanks for popping by and pleased join me again soon. Lots of creative goodness being shared here ( and hopefully a new website soon!)