Mushrooms in the sketchbook!

Mushroom - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}
Mushroom season is slowly coming to an end here in Whistler. The temperature has dropped, the clouds have rolled in and snow is slowly creeping down the mountain.

I will miss the whispering sounds of pickers scouring the woods. The different shapes, texture and colour peeking out from the most unexpected of places.
There really is something special about the enchanted, woodland forest complete with toadstools and fairies that brings your imagination to life.

Mushroom - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

Unfortunately, I have to admit I have still not picked any mushrooms for my own table.I am still a little unsure of what is good and what is not so good. I am not taking any responsibility for poisoning my family or sending a dinner guest on some wild, hallucinogenic trip. The latter could almost make a good movie though..

The Whistler Naturalist host a great weekend event full of talks and walks The Fungus among Us every October during the season. Next year I am attending. I have a bounty of goodness right here in my backyard and it’s time to start enjoying them…not just drawing and taking pretty pictures though that is fun too..

Mushroom Sketch ~ julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

Some sketchbook love and mushroom illustration for you

mushrooms in the sketchbook - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}


It’s time for the snow to fly in Whistler.  We have a month to fill up the mountain and valley with that white, fluffy stuff.

Until then I will be off in my own little tropical world on The Big Island of Hawaii. Expect to see lots of  foliage mixed with beautiful, watery blues and shades of green here on my blog. I am bringing some watercolors and hope to learn how to use them.

See you!