Inspiration how-to – Take 5!

The quality of life, is in porportion, always to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.

I have to be honest, I have not been feeling all that inspired these days. I hate to talk about the weather, but unfortunately it dictates most of what goes on in this small ski town. We are weather dependent here. Our businesses require it and our outdoor fun depends on it. I am not just talking sun either…we need it to rain.We need lots of precipitation November to March so that the mountains are chock full of snow.We need lots of summer sunshine so that the village is bustling and the patios full. The need for rain and the need for sun are about equal here.. For those of us who live here full time, it makes an impact no matter how you look at it.

In my end to the inspiration one can find here

1. 22/365, 2. Alta Lake, 3. A touch of red, 4. Wedge

It is breathtaking here. Rainy days included. There is nothing like the clouds hanging gently mid mountain or the smell of the forest after the rain. The peacefulness is good for the soul.

BUT it is summer. It doesnt feel like summer, but according to my calendar it is summer and almost over. We have yet to experience a good, hot, baking kind of summer. Lazy, long days at the lake. Sweaty, hot days mountainbiking in the trails. Hanging at the local patio having a beer with friends. Unfortunately it has been just a wee bit too cold and overcast for these….

So my inspiration has changed to frustration.I just need to channel that into something good. Check out my first landscape painting (which I really cant believe I am posting..)..looking a wee bit dark for July!

I am not a landscape painter….yet!

I thought I would try something new and while it was fun..frustrating..I dont think my future holds a lot of landscape work.Never say never though – I am sure I will explore this avenue once more.

Back to the safer side of things….

While I do find nature awe-inspiring, I have had to work at being awestruck. My 2011 mantra is “in the moment”. Take the time to slow down and really pay attention. Instead of always looking at the big picture, stop, and notice the details.

The smaller things in life...

1. Bursting at the seams, 2. Raindrop Reflections, 3. waiting to dry.., 4. DSC_0330, 5. Daisy, 6. Looks good..tastes great!, 7. IMG_2166, 8. on the go.., 9. Loreta

Well 2011 has had many challenging moments..and did I mention never ending grayness. I have had to trick myself at getting outside with my camera and shooting. My newest trick which I have learned to apply to everything I am resistant the 5 minute rule.

Give it 5 minutes and see where it leads you…

I often find that it is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing. I usually end up an hour later immersed in it all!

time and patience..

I am going to need to read this on a daily basis. My own personal mantra or pep talk. Time and patience are my friends.

I know that I am not the only one out there who continually wonders “what the heck am I doing all of this for?”. This now applies not only to my artwork, but also to my blogging!

I feel like I have been struggling with this question for most of 2011. I spend hours creating. When I am not creating I am planning what to create next. I go for a walk to clear my head and BAM..more images to paint.I see images in my sleep. Its exhausting.

I am feeling like a bit of a crazy woman. My studio is a disaster zone. I spill paint on the floor and I barely wipe it up. I leave my paintbrushes in water overnight.The cap stays off the glue. I dont even know THIS person!?  My poor children have suffered the wrath for less.

I know that I should feel content having discovered my happy place, but the questions continue. Is it really possible to do all of this “work” without a game plan? I am tiring of my daily, left brain nudge, questioning why?

I started blogging because I felt I needed to focus on a direction.It doesnt necessarily have to be the right direction.. A blog about art and inspiration could only add more happiness to my life. It would surround me, hopefully, with a collection of like minded souls. I am not committing to doing anything with my artwork, but lets say I am finally thinking to myself “self, lets make a go of this and see where it leads you.”

So the big beautiful mess continues. The blog will also continue to evolve. I am hoping that a theme will magically present itself… as always, any and all suggestions are welcome. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I need to consider them a bit more thoroughly before putting them out there. Until then I can only hope that I spark a wee bit of inspiration and hopefully encourage others out there to take a leap and try something new for themselves.

Find your happy place!