Inspired by…mark making

I have spent the past couple of days trying to concentrate on painting with no game plan. No preconceived notion,no subject matter, no color plan, no direction, no nothing!

It is not as easy as one would expect..I am  amazed at how a simple piece of  blank,white paper can strike fear in the best of us.

I like to think of it as my exploring stage. A stage to help get out of old ruts…the use of the same colors, the same brushes and the same medium = the same old stuff.

mark making

1. Exploring, 2. DSC_0329, 3. DSC_0327, 4. Exploring

Exploring new possibilities.. working with different colors, different brushes and different materials.

Splatter, spray, stamp and sew.

All work is being done on journal pages so no stress. Love the freedom…

mixed media, collage

A little mixed media and collage

more mixed media and collage