Inspired by…my carefree, loving ways

Blogtoberfest day 15

Freed Om
a little quote designed by penelope

A few of you have pointed out that I havent actually been blogging EVERYDAY. All I think is how lucky for you really want to hear from me everyday? I would love to think that you do!

I know that was my game plan when I signed up to participate in Blogtoberfest and I have tried really hard. Cmon now…I have only missed two days. (Sarah…stop scrolling down to count!) But I dont want to blog everyday. I am not good at random blogging.

So I have made a conscious decision to try not to blog everyday.

Creating ~ blogging ,painting ,taking pics ~ is ┬ámy means of letting loose, going with the flow, allowing myself freedom , discarding my perfectionist ways…..

The way I see it is that by missing a few days of blogging, I am doing just that…

Letting go

Look at me not following the rules!

So I am heading to the city for a few days…living and loving life.

I will try not blog. I will try not think about blogging…..that’s the challenge I am now facing.

One step at a time….

Have a happy weekend!