Inspired by…my carefree, loving ways

Blogtoberfest day 15

Freed Om
a little quote designed by penelope

A few of you have pointed out that I havent actually been blogging EVERYDAY. All I think is how lucky for you really want to hear from me everyday? I would love to think that you do!

I know that was my game plan when I signed up to participate in Blogtoberfest and I have tried really hard. Cmon now…I have only missed two days. (Sarah…stop scrolling down to count!) But I dont want to blog everyday. I am not good at random blogging.

So I have made a conscious decision to try not to blog everyday.

Creating ~ blogging ,painting ,taking pics ~ is ┬ámy means of letting loose, going with the flow, allowing myself freedom , discarding my perfectionist ways…..

The way I see it is that by missing a few days of blogging, I am doing just that…

Letting go

Look at me not following the rules!

So I am heading to the city for a few days…living and loving life.

I will try not blog. I will try not think about blogging…..that’s the challenge I am now facing.

One step at a time….

Have a happy weekend!

Eye Candy!

I get very excited about inspiration boards! They are pieces of art on to themselves.

Beautiful organic feel to it..Ditte Isager inspiration

They come in all shape,size and form.

1. Untitled, 2. mini inspiration, 3. Desk, 4. inspiration board: treefall design

They are randomly filled with little hints of this and  that. Tidbits of inspiration.

A 4 ft square of ever changing hits of inspiration

My inspiration board is rather on the large size,but thats how I roll. I seem to be able to find inspiration in anything…a.color, a line or pattern or maybe a composition My wee studio is filled with watercolor and acrylic paintings, canvas,paper and wood,handmade journals,beautiful paper and sewing materials…surrounded by many “how to” books. I rarely concentrate on one subject, but jump from one project to another. My inspiration board is testament to that. It is constantly evolving.

Paint chips with favorite color combinations.Inspirational quotes,text and font. Artists I love. Textures, homemade papers and patterns.The magazine snippet of my favorite hair cut always has to be included!

It all finds it space on my board…