Inspired by…bright lights, big city

What a whirlwind couple of weeks….

From deep in the mountains of B.C. to the fast paced streets of NYC. Last Saturday I skied for two hours by myself, not a soul in sight. Peace and quiet.This past Saturday I could barely walk down the streets of NYC without bumping into someone. Exhilarating and loud.

So different, yet so inspiring in their own ways….

Sitting at home now, I need to remember and capture what I drew in from all of my experiences. Lots of color and  texture for sure. Lots of energy. I could wander the streets of NYC forever, but there finally comes a time when I feel the need to do more, see less. I need to get all of my new ideas onto paper and outta my head!

I will leave you with a sprinkling of pictures. Unfortunately, I did not take enough pictures. I was a little too caught up in all the visual eye candy and didn’t want to narrow my vision with eye to camera. I am regretting that now!

NYC, photography, buildings

NYC, photography, cityscape

One of my favorite places within the city was the High Line. A public park built on a historic freight rail line. It is elevated high above the west side of Manhattan with beautiful views of the city and the Hudson. I loved all the natural and man-made areas to rest, relax and escape from it all.The following pictures are all from the High Line. Funny, but what intrigued me most about NYC was the juxtaposition between hardscape and nature.

Ok, I have to admit I was also a little intrigued with the women and their 4 inch heels…on cobblestone.

High Line, NYC, photography

NYC, high line , birdhouses, photography

A home a city bird could only love…

NYC, photography, High Line trail

A garden in the city…

NYC, Photography, Driftwood

NYC, Photography, blossoms

Will leave you with a bit of Fashion Week which we were lucky enough to experience. People watching at its finest. I need to get a little more comfortable shooting people especially considering so many were hoping to be photographed!

Fashion Week, NYC, photography

fashion week, NYC, photography

fashion week, NYC, photography

Lots more pictures and thoughts to come…

Did not take any food shots, but the food…fantastic!

Need time to process it all.

Happy to be back in my blogging world!