Inspired by ~ an attempt at papercutting

I am not sure where the urge to try this new craft came from. I have a feeling it was probably inspired by one of my favorite paper magazines  Paper Runway from Issuu.
Intrigued, I thought how hard can it possibly be?

Some questions are better left unanswered.

With a pencil, some sturdy cardstock and my trusty, very sharp, cutterbee I went to it.
julie hamilton, surface pattern design,

Some thoughts as I sat there, knife in hand…

One wrong move and its time to start again

I should have stuck with straight lines for my first attempt

This has the potential to be quite dangerous ~ do I even have any band aids in the house?

Why am I holding my breath?

Ok, I have to admit, many thoughts of being a surgeon went through my head. And of course with those thoughts came many more questioning the importance of my life endeavour as I sat cutting out pretty flowers.( This is where you come in and leave me a comment telling me how inspired you are by my creative offerings….)
julie hamilton, surface pattern design

Lessons learned:

The heavier the cardstock, the better. Flimsy paper just doesn’t work here.

Cutting board should be on a slippery surface so rather than moving your hand around object, you move the entire board. This goes without saying  – straight lines are easier than curved.

I know there must be proper paper cutting tools out there, but I am scared to look. I have enough crafts on the go.
julie hamilton,surface pattern design

Well you have probably guessed where this is going. That’s right~ onto my next efuto!  I just might  be sending it your way.

These envelopes have become my new journal pages. A place to try new techniques, play with color and experiment ~ small scale.The beauty of these is that I get to share them with others.  I am enjoying the enthusiastic response from the recipients.
julie hamilton, surface pattern design


Last weeks efutos were sent out to Emily Cline, Debbie Smith and Dawn Clarkson

Thanks to everyone who left a comment! Feel free to leave another because you just never know when an efuto may be coming your way!

Enjoy the holidays!

Inspired by ~ a handcrafted envelope

Efuto ~ e=picture,  futo=envelope

How nice would it be to find a colorful, hand crafted, envelope tucked in amongst all the other plain, old white bills? Very nice! I know I would be quite pleased.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted, surface pattern design

Efuto’s are just that ~ colorful, artfully created, envelopes designed especially to send to one happy recipient.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted, surface pattern design

I was recently introduced to this concept by a fellow creative, Gill Eggleston of Pattern Addict. She has thoughtfully put together a group of participants each partnered up with another member somewhere in the big wide world. We are to create an envelope for this person and mail it off.My efuto is heading off to France and I am to receive one from Germany.Something lovely to look forward to!

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted, surface pattern design

Her idea  gets even better as she is currently putting together a directory of surface pattern designers The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers with envelopes created by us.

Here is my entry.

julie hamilton, surface pattern design, artistically afflicted

I have had a peek at the work in progress and it is looking great. I will be sure to share it with you when it is finished.Until then you can follow its progress here.

This is not the first time I have sat down to paint envelopes. A few years ago our family took a half year off life and travelled through Europe.To keep my creative juices flowing and to mark the occasion I thought it would be nice to have a stack of mail, from all the places we visited along the way, to greet me on my return home. The kids filled each envelope with notes and goodies from the area. I now keep them pinned up on my inspiration board ~ they make me smile.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted, surface pattern design

Would you like to receive a bit of color in your mailbox? If so, then please leave me a comment. I have a few extra lying around and if I draw your lucky name I will mail one your way. It will be a fun way to connect!

I have a feeling these wont be the last. I am finding them the perfect, go-to, for shorts bursts of creativity. My little fix!

And yes, those are little white snowflakes you see slowly falling down your screen. Its December and wordpress likes to add snowflakes. I tried once or twice to rub them off my screen until I remembered that ’tis the season.

Have a great weekend and please feel free to leave a comment saying hello!