Inspired by…a dream.

goethe, "inspirational quote"

I have definitely been inspired by a dream. A creative dream..a business dream?Possibly!

I am currently a participant in a Kelly Rae Roberts course inspiring and challenging us to live our creative dream. I jumped into this course head first.

It has been an amazing journey filled with many life and business lessons backed up by a wonderful community to support even your wildest dreams.But, it still leads me to the unanswered question…what are my creative dreams?

spaark mind-mapping

I have too many to concentrate on just one!

I spend all my spare time creating. I photograph. I journal. I paint. When I am not creating, I am thinking about what to create next. My mind is open and my thoughts fly freely. ..Sometimes I almost have too many ideas.

Unfortunately with all these dreams and ideas bouncing off each other I  have been inflicted with a  state of inertia.

But I have a plan! Will keep you posted.

Dreams really do come true…but only if you allow them!