Inspired by ~ my word{s} for the year

I am not sure if this is a good way to start the new year but I am re-posting {gasp} I am re-posting my own post mind you!

I am blogging over at Tigerprints new youblog and wanted to share my love for the word of the year to all so doing a bit of double duty here. If you have a moment, please go and have a look~ designers worldwide having their say on design.We have just started, but I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

I would also like to share this with my Fly-Tribe group who are doing their annual word of the year blog hop. Its always interesting to read what words are inspiring others. Have a look here to join in!

So without further rambling, here it is ~ my 2013 { will be bright and shiny!} post.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

Blank slate of endless possibility

It’s that time of the year where, amongst all of the holiday chaos,I feel the excitement and need for new beginnings. A new start and with that some new year resolutions. The typical resolutions come to mind ~ eat less and better, exercise more, go to bed earlier….

Unfortunately, none of these resolutions really excite me on my quest to become a better me.. and, in typical fashion, by mid January I fall into my old habits.

 julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

A few years ago I was introduced to Christine Kanes word of the year. I love this  concept and thought I would share it with you in hope that you may like it too.

The premise is simple – one word that encompasses your intentions for the year. One word that brings you clarity, a word that will attract what you want, regardless of the how.

A word that contains energy, images and meaning, A word that your heart and soul gets excited about

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted,typography

 I am ignoring the how and concentrating on the what and why of my resolutions.I am concentrating on possibility and opportunity. A belief that what I wish to happen, will happen.. (It probably wouldn’t hurt for me to cross my fingers as well)

This process may sound a bit daunting. A feeling I can attest to as I sit here surrounded by words! Do not fear ~ she has a very handy worksheet here to help you on your way.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

I have always had difficulty coming up with one word so over the years I have created a collage of relevant words that all resonate with me. These words are designed to capture the essence of all that I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. They help to serve as gentle reminders. I keep them close at hand,ready to reflect upon, as I go about my daily life.

Wishing you lots of good health and happiness this new year.

Make it your year to shine bright!

Inspired by…words

Fun. Fun. Fun.

…the craziness continues…

The rest of winter here in Whistler will be full on. No complaints from me. I love the energy around here. I also love knowing I can cozy up in my home or hit the Xcountry trails to get away from it all …

whistler village stroll

2012 is knocking on the door.I’ve got the lights off, pretending I am not home. I am so not prepared.

Everything in my life tends to slide in December. Endless guests, too much socializing and way too many activities.  I am always left feeling a bit sideways.

January is the perfect month to change it up. I am already craving a bit of fresh and new..

The time is NOW…the new year is here.

New beginnings are important to me. A chance to reassess all that life has brought my way.

Keep it…trash it. Love it…leave it. Change it…

change your life

the possibilities are endless...

I love them so much that I actually plan two beginnings/year. January and September.
January for obvious reasons. September because it’s a new season, a new school year and finally some peace and quiet after a busy summer.

I think we all deserve a second chance…. I need as many chances as I can get to change things up around here.

One of my favorite  assessment tools to help create awareness is Christine Kane’s “Word of the Year Discovery Tool”.

Christine Kane.  Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She is president and founder of Uplevel You. A course inspiring the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives. She is a rock start! No, seriously she is an accomplished folk singer and song writer.I receive her monthly newsletter and she has definitely shared some valuable words of wisdom with me.

Go here to have Christine send you your very own personal worksheets to download.

Can you think of one word that encompasses all that you would like to be? A word that resonates with you. A gentle reminder of things you would like to accomplish.One that inspires you to go forward to reach the next step…

My 2011 words…I may have got a bit carried away. You are only supposed to choose one!

word of the year, inspiration

Give the worksheets a wont be disappointed!