Inspired by…my artistic affliction

Goodness, I am in the depths of my artistic affliction right now. I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.All I  know is that I am in need of another set of hands,definitely more time and maybe a cup of herbal tea. I need to leave the house and get some fresh air.

So thankful to Art Everyday for getting me back into my paint mojo. I am in love with drawing, but there is just something about getting into my paints and other mediums that just gets my mind exploring.

julie hamilton, surface pattern design,

So what have we here ~ a painted, stamped and splattered background, a drawing or two,a few flower paintings, some manipulated photography ~ all scanned into my computer  and digitally produced in Illustrator.

The only thing I didn’t add was some stitching. Honestly I thought about it, but really, where would it go?! It’s a tad chaotic,but then so am I!

Tomorrows project ~ trying to figure out how to make a pattern out of all this.

It’s Art Everyday month ~ Hop on over to Leah’s blog for more info on Art Everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Inspired by…art everyday month

Its November –  the rain and snow is upon us. Its time to cozy up and get creative!

artistically afflicted, photography

It’s also Art Everyday Month over on Leah’s Creative Everyday blog. I really enjoyed participating last year in AEDM. I met a group of fun and creative bloggers. It motivated me to consciously take time everyday to do something creative.I worked on smaller projects, collecting ideas for bigger works to come.I worked on my mark making, color mixing, collage and building up textures. I learned lots with no pressure to finish. I was also able to share my findings while picking up lots of inspiration from all the others participating.

artistically afflicted, photography This year AEDM comes at a good time. I have been thinking about ways to incorporate my art into surface pattern design.I want to develop some hand painted motifs, work on some new mark making techniques,play with textures and try to apply them into the digital world.AEDM is the perfect excuse to just experiment.

artistically afflicted, surface pattern design

Random mark making becomes hand drawn drawings

Cut~paste~stampartistically afflicted,

Playing with motifs in the digital world.surface pattern design, artistically afflicted

Interested in joining us? Hop on over to Leahs blog for more info on Art Everyday.