Inspired by…my camera settings

I have been working very hard at finishing some of the unfinished canvas hanging about my studio. It has been hard.

I am a starter. I love the process of coming up with an idea and executing. Unlike others, I love a blank canvas.

My downfall is when to call it quits. If a canvas is leaning against a wall or laying on the floor it is still fair game and should not be surprised if it is gessoed over. The closest art store is 2 hours away so when I get the urge to paint it is quite often over some unfinished work that I may not be loving.

Not a good habit… because not only has many, many hours probably gone into that piece, but as we all know, every painting has an ugly stage. A stage that needs to be worked through in order to learn and grow.

I know I am heading somewhere with all of this….

Ah yes…my new technique. Photographing my art work and playing with the balances in my photo editing program.

winter birch, acrylic, painting, mountains

This is where my painting stands now. A bit too blue for my liking. I may have just bought a new tube of cobalt teal…

winter birch, acrylic, painting, mountains

Playing with my white balance. Adding more contrast. Taking out some of the color.

winter birch, acrylic, painting, mountains

Once again playing with the white balance. Adding a bit of warmth,  fading the blues and cooler colors.

winter birch, acrylic, painting, mountains

This looks like a very cold winter day. I am thinking I may add snowflakes to this one.

So, one unfinished painting, with many different directions to go in. I love the flexibility of acrylic paint. Always remember…no fear. You dont like something ~ change it!

I am thinking this painting may become a field of beautiful red poppies…..

I jest. Actually, if I recall correctly, this painting use to be of bumble bees….

No, I will finish it. I have to finish it because that is the goal.I just wish I didnt feel so done with it. I wish I had the same enthusiasm I had for it in its first couple of hours…the honeymoon stage.

I am thinking more branches, less blue, more white and a little something to make the trees pop out….and maybe a few more months leaning against the wall. I know something will eventually come to me!

Next week….playing with darks and lights using photo editing techniques!


Inspired by….Bloom True (the e-course)

I am at it again. Stalking poor Flora. Read about her here….over here and here… I really should become her PR gal. Hmmmm…

This time I am taking her newly released e-course Bloom True. As I expected it is everything I imagined and more.She is true to her word.

I am OPEN to it all!

So bear with me for the next 6 weeks as you help me intuitively paint myself to greatness.I will try to limit my ” Help ..What do you see?” questions.

I have really been enjoying our classroom community. I love reading everyone’s comments and thinking “Yes, I get what you are saying, I see that…I know where you are coming from… ” But it is our own process and each and everyone of us will find our own way.Its just so nice to know you are not alone in your process. Everyone is finding and sharing.It is a great learning environment.

The key is trust.Not an easy value to uphold when painting. Especially when you have an inner critic sitting right next to you, critiquing every move…..

Currently we are working on our mark making. I have been searching the house high and low for tools. Just recently I received a lovely bottle of wine as a gift…wrapped in some fabulous cardboard.

What am I thinking you ask? I am eyeing the cardboard with great enthusiasm thinking the ridges on it will be a fine mark making tool. My children and husband no longer speak, they just glance sideways at each other and hope and pray that they did not inherit this gene….

So here you go. What I have found helpful in my mark making process. Fun times and lots of play….
acrylic, painting, mark making, Flora Bowley, Bloom True
My very own homemade cut outs. These are made from sturdy paint chips, a couple of different hole punches and an exacto knife. Anything goes…
acrylic, painting, mark making, Flora Bowley, Bloom True Fruit and veggie mesh. Great for spraying paint or inks on.
acrylic, painting, mark making, Flora Bowley, Bloom True Scrapbook paper cutouts, ridged cardboard,raised paper…
acrylic, painting, mark making, Flora Bowley, Bloom True Anything to scratch, etch and move paint around.

mark making, acrylic, painting, scrapbook Scrap cuts outs. Love these. Once again great for spraying through or painting on top.
And last but not least. My favorite…
acrylic, painting, mark making, Flora Bowley, Bloom True
Spray bottles, fluid paint and ink. I am loving these. My walls and floors are not!
Great for spraying through cutouts, or into wet paint. Great for drips!

So there you have it. Add a paint brush or two, fingers and rags and you have an arsenal of great mark making tools!
I would love to hear what you are using. Please share and feel free to add a link!

Thanks for dropping by…and remember…..

practice, patience and perseverance

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