Inspired by…10,000 hours

Trying to incorporate oranges into my artwork. I love burnt oranges and reds. My house is full of them. Oranges and reds in my artwork..why not?! But why am I finding them so hard to work with?

red orange yellow

I know I  need to spend some time working the perfect combinations of color together.Need to practice combining different colors. I can’t blame the paint…

Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of cadmium orange and pyrole orange in my paint kit. I would like to use them up…quickly.. so I can buy some different shades of orange.

Ever feel like tossing all your paint colors and buying all new shades.? I definitely need to take a good color mixing kind of workshop. Anyone know of a good one? (preferably online)

red orange yellow acrylic paint

Blah..not loving this as a whole. I know that this will be a underlayer and little of it will come through in the final painting, but sometimes if you don’t love something its hard to keep working at it…but I will.

I laughed when I once heard a friend refer to her piece as  “in the awkward teenager stage”…all, pimply,hormonal and just waiting to emerge.

viewfinder acrylic paint

oh I like this little 1 inch section of my 32 inch painting?!

My trusty friend Erin made this little paper view finder for me and I use it often. With my rose-colored glasses and my view finder I can always find something I like.

viewfinder acrylic paint

another inch of goodness...30 more to go..

Will not toss it…Will not toss it….. Will not toss it..

acrylic paint

acrylic paint

So, keep what I like and adding to what I don’t like…..what if I am not really digging any of it?

acrylic paint

looking much better...

Hahaha…. I can’t tell you how good that felt!

I was giggling as I did it.

I was also thinking what a waste of time.. can’t believe I wasted my favorite Quin nickel paint on this..maybe I could have saved it.. what happened to patience and perserverance..what am I teaching my kids here..3 hours down the drain…oh….

It felt like a great roller coaster ride of emotion as I put scissor to paper. But.. it is done now and while I felt like a bit of a crazy woman, scissors in hand, sometimes you just have to make a drastic change. I think I accomplished just that!

cut up acrylic painting

collage anyone?

As for these pieces…maybe a journal page…scrapbook (oh, right, don’t do that…yet) or maybe I will just pin them up on my inspiration board as a reminder of the lessons learned while working on this piece.

Malcolm has given me 10,000 hours….lucky me, I am 4 hours closer to success….

Have a great weekend!