Inspired by…a color challenge

It’s another winterland morning here in Whistler. December is here and with it mounds of beautiful, white fluffy snow.It brings me a bit of joy knowing that I am meant to be here – I still get excited when the snow starts flying.

I am already playing a bit of catch up here as we head into December. I had a very productive and fun month participating in Creative Everyday. I met some new creatives in the community and also had a chance to explore and create with different mediums. I had been meaning to spend some time in my studio exploring new ideas, but I think I just needed a little extra shove in the right direction. It has resulted in a small arsenal of new ideas for my surface pattern design.A small pat on the back if I may.

Next up ~ Louise Gales monthly color challenge. I managed to create this in the final hours of November,but I am just a day or two late posting. I have spoken often about Louise’s color challenge and encourage you to participate. It has helped stretch my color imagination and encouraged me to play with new motifs.

Here is my work for this month ~ inspired by autumn and a scattering of leaves.
julie hamilton, surface pattern design, artistically afflicted

A special thank you also goes out to Louise for including my work in her “Color Stories” feature in the brand new issue of Moyo.I am always thrilled to be included. Thank you!
surface pattern design, Issuu, Moyo

Issue #2 of Moyo is out and it is jammed packed with color,inspiring interviews, and,of course, lots of pattern. For those who missed it the first time around, Moyo is Japanese for “pattern” and is the first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design. You can find it here on Issuu. A must see!

Inspired by…joyful living, the ezine way

Oh no, its starting to topple.
inspiration, magazine pile

I may have a bit of a magazine addiction. I can’t help it. When you live in a small mountain town with limited access to the bounty of magazines available today, you have got to become a bit of a hoarder!
I just can’t seem to throw any of my magazines away either because every time I flip through them I find another inspirational color swatch or pattern. I have even taken to flipping through them upside down just for a fresh perspective.

When you are looking for pattern inspiration anything goes!

Unfortunately most of my magazines end up here. My look book.
art journal, inspiration, look book
inspiration, art journalI have had many a friends eyes light up when they discover our stash, excited to spend an afternoon curled up on my couch reading, only to find a big old, cut out square  smack dab in the center of the page.

Nothing is safe from scissorhands!

Whats a girl to do when looking for a little inspiration and all her magazines are cut up?
Ta-da! Online magazines from Issuu.

surface pattern design, inspiration, online magazine

My favorite to date ~ Moyo. A new online magazine from the creators of The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design!

Welcome to MOYO, the world’s first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design! Packed with interviews, design briefs, colour challenges, art reviews, student showcases, design tips, inspiration, trends and more, this free resource will be published quarterly, and you can see the inaugural issue here

A magazine dedicated to surface pattern design~ you can only imagine all the eye candy!

There’s even a little bit of me in there. My field of daisies print.
surface pattern design, field of daisies

I am hoping as my surface pattern design skill improves that you will be seeing more of my work included in this inspirational magazine. I am very pleased that this made it in:)

Look out for the next issue coming out in November!

if you havent already discovered Issuu you should take a peek. It is full of every variety of magazine out there. Most of my favorites revolve around the art of joyful living. They are full of articles on art, craft, living, design, style, diy ~ all the things I look to in times of needed inspiration.

I have included a few of my favorites below.If you see one that strikes your fancy just click on the picture and it will link you directly to Issuu.

Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,
Online magazine, issuu, inspiration,

I could keep adding to this list, but I think that’s a good start for you.Enjoy every minute!

Do you have a favorite online magazine? If so please share in the comments!

This Sunday I am blog hopping with a group of my surface pattern design friends.There will be lots of beautiful work to be shared. Please pop by for a visit!