Inspired by…this big, wonderful, bloggin’ world

I am not sure how I missed it, but I did. My 100th post. This is it!

100th post, blog

Nine months ~ 100 posts~ 17,500 views. All this with only a few hiccups, a bit of cursing, maybe some time spent questioning why and just a few moments of social insecurity…why didnt they comment? how come that post didn’t get a LIKE? why is no one tweeting me?…aghhh…

I am proud to say I am over all that now. I don’t even check my stats!

Just having a proud moment….

I am not sure exactly what it all means, other than I have spent a lot of time blogging.  I am not sure what I am expecting when I hit publish but I am hoping for something BIG. A little confetti and some streamers would be nice too.Maybe a prize? A cheque would be awesome for time spent well, blogging.

I would be very happy with a comment or two wishing me well!

Because when all is said and done… that is the main reason I blog. To connect with other like-minded souls about art, photography and all things creative.That has been my goal all along and I feel that it has been accomplished! I have connected and developed friendships with people from all over the world. I have even been fortunate to meet a few of my online friends in real time and have plans to meet more. I blog now because I just plain old enjoy it. Eventually I am hoping to expand and develop it further, but for now I am content.

And without further ado… Its Friday and time for a little ponder as to what made my heart sing this week.

Ta..da! First and foremost~ I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award! I had the honor of accepting this from the lovely Liza Zeni, another online friend all the way from Australia. A woman I have yet to meet, but feel like I know so much about already. I know our paths will cross one day ~only because I am going to make it happen!

I have to be honest it’s not the first time I have received this award. Sorry. The first time was from Nancy of Delight-filled Leaves. Unfortunately, it was right before Christmas and life was a wee bit to hectic around here to blog. So here I am again (blushing) with appreciation. Thank you girls! Once again I cannot express my gratitude for our community. Look out for the Versatile Blogger blog post next week!

This week also saw the start of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. So far, I have loved every minute.  I have been sketching up a storm. The ideas just keep coming! In my heart of hearts I just know this is the right direction…whatever that might be?

surface pattern design, pen, paper, doodle

surface pattern design, pen, paper, doodle

I believe this is going to be my longest post ever….

Finally, this sweet thing…

teenage daughter

My lovely 14 yr old daughter~ the she devil herself.

Ok, maybe it wasnt nice to add horns to her, but trust me, as any mother would know, teenage daughters are a breed onto themselves. I added the horns to her a few years ago while we were away travelling on a 6 month sabbatical together. She was a little too over dramatic for my liking back then.

This week though, she is a star in my books. I watched her rise and shine. I had many a proud moment. She is growing up to be a beautiful, sensible and way too smart young woman. Look out!

Wow. I think I could go on, but I wont. Life is good right now. Things are changing fast, but everyone is up for the game.

As your week comes to an end, I hope it finds you happy, healthy and feeling a little blissful. If you would like to share please join us over at Livs blog with your own little Bliss list.

Have a great weekend!


Inspired by…a little bliss

I love Fridays and the beginning of the weekend. A time to access all that has been accomplished during the week. A time to breathe and enjoy. For us as a family, a time to reconnect after a busy week full of activity and travel.

I recently stumbled upon Liv Lanes  Little Bliss List. I also love it.

In her own words, it provides us a chance to celebrate the little things that brought us hope and happiness this week.

I am going to try to participate on a weekly basis. If you would like to play along it should be fun and I bet will add a nice,warm, little fuzzy feeling to your day.

I found many things to be grateful for this week. I try to take a moment everyday to stop and reflect. I think it makes for a happier me.

This week I found a little bliss in…our delightful little house guest, Ella.

bird, painting,

The house was filled with a song and a dance or two all week. I love the sound of birds…especially in the dead of winter. What surprised me most about little Ella was just how sociable and loveable she was. Trust me, she had no interest in her cage, but was happiest perched on a shoulder or head. At one point I had left her on top of her cage only to discover her climbing up my leg a few minutes later.  We had a little painting session together. Dog at my feet, bird on my shoulder…a sign of things to come?

bird, painting, art

Cariboo also loved her. He sat at her cage all day long just watching as she sang and danced for him . She loved tossing all her bird seed at him. Try as we might, Cariboo decided he wanted no part of Ella perched on his shoulder.

Found a little bliss…in time for a little daily collage. Always happy in my studio playing with paint and paper. I am really enjoying this new project. I can get my creative yayas out in just one session. Sigh of relief….

daily collage, paper, mixed media
Found a little bliss…in my new book The Style Statement penned by Carrie McCarthey and Danielle Laporte. A compass for creating a life that reflects you in every way. This is deserving of a blog post on its own.. watch out for more to come! 
lifestyle book,

Found a little bliss in…good, healthy, wholesome food (always…) Pop over to my girlfriends blog In Pursuit of More . She is a wonderful writer and inspires me daily with her wonderful recipes. I love her post today. She has found a little Bliss of her own and one that I could relate to wholeheartedly… exactly why she is one of my bestest!


Please join us over at Livs blog with your own little Bliss list. By sharing it gives each of us a chance to reflect on all the different things that make people tick. I would love to hear and see what turns your wheels!

Its a bluebird day here, the sun is shining bright and the snow is spectacular.

Have a happy weekend my friends!