Inspired by…taking flight with kelly rae roberts!

I am taking a moment here to reflect on the past year and to share with you a special opportunity taking place over on The Fly Tribes blog hop. Unfortunately, I will not be joining my tribe this time around as summer has found me skipping two steps behind with a very full plate involving lots of surface pattern design and website development all mixed in together with summer holidays and lots of kids in and out. I have some pretty big goals and dreams, but they will have to wait until September!
inspirational quote, creative process, Christine mason miller

So one year ago, on a whim, I decided to take part in Kelly Rae Roberts  “Taking Flight” ecourse. I had read her book, also named Taking Flight” and, as most, was very intrigued by her story. Its hard not to be inspired by someone so passionate about following her creative dreams and better still, making them happen.

I had been playing around with my creative self and discovered that I absolutely loved the process. Paper,pen, paint ,photography – any medium was fair game. At this point, turning my love into a creative business was hardly an option as I had no idea where to turn or what to produce. A perpetual student at heart, I decided to go ahead regardless and take Kelly’s course, if not to discover my direction then to at least meet a group of like-minded souls with a passion for creating.

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One year later, here I am . As one that started out with no direction or creative goals, I have gone forth, put myself out there and in the process discovered what makes my heart sing. For those that follow my blog and my creative journey, it has been a long year with lots of experimentation – stamping, stitching, and spraying paint around on anything and everything. Fortunately, I have found a way to combine all of my passions into one through my surface pattern design studies. More importantly though I have discovered a very wide and diverse group of like-minded souls from all over the world- all ready to share and inspire, critique and encourage and help point me in the right direction. If it wasnt for these people and their support, I am not sure where I would be. A very big thank you to my Fly Tribe! And a very big thank you to you! My online creative clan.


Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you in love with the creative process, but unsure of your direction? Do you want to start your very own creative business, but not sure how to go about it? Do you want to meet other similar souls?

Well Kelly Rae is offering her Taking flight ecourse once more! It will be her final one as she continues on her own creative and life journey. It starts this September and all information is here.

Now the great news – want to win a spot in this class? Well jump on over to The Fly Tribes site for all the information you need to win one of 16  free spots available to YOU! I told you this group was pretty awesome!

While you are over there participate in the blog hop and read others stories about their creative journey. You never know, there just might be one inspirational tidbit that helps you find your way. I hope so!

I hope everyone’s summer has been full of long, lazy, sunshine -filled days! I promise to be back in September on a more regular basis.

Inspired by…artist trading cards

Artist trading cards…little treasures of original artwork. Fun to create and very fun to receive. I have written before about the how and why of artist trading cards before here.

I just received these two cards last week.Theme ~ Flying

artist trading cards, ATC
Lovely Liza of Liza Zeni ~ art, design and inspiration
Her beautiful, very unique, illustrative work definitely resonates with me.
artist trading cards, ATC
Kelly Hoernig ~ where nature meets creativity
Very talented mixed media artist. I love her creative use of materials. I can’t stop looking at the card she created for me..and it can’t stop looking at me…

I have them propped up on my window sill. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of them and I cant help but smile. I love them.

There is something very special about receiving a little piece of artwork from someone you have only connected with on the internet. I read their blogs and follow their creative journey. Now..I have a little piece of them.

That is special.

I also have to admit that it is ,oh ,so nice to receive actual handwritten mail.My children were very envious.

These are the two cards I created for the swap.

artist trading card, atc's , kelly rae roberts

artist trading cards, ATC, kelly rae roberts

All of this giving and the wonderful feeling it generates has inspired me to play more! I have just signed on with my Kelly Rae Roberts Flying group to participate in a monthly ATC card swap. You can check out their cards here on Flickr. Our theme for this month ~ Dreams and Wishes

My current dilemma is how to display them so that I ,and others visiting, can enjoy. Everyone seems to loves these small works of art.

artist trading cards, ATC One idea is to store them in these trading card folders. This one I commandeered from my sons Pokemon collection. Supposedly these folders can be picked up at any toy store. A bit too plastic for my liking. I think they deserve something a bit more for their presence. Great for storing though.

artist trading cards, ATC's

Another idea I had for them was to display them like any artwork. You could base it on theme or color. I just placed these in randomly, but I am liking the idea. As I write I am also thinking it would be interesting to frame just one with a big mat. That could make quite a statement.

Oh, just thought of something I saw on Pinterest. Off to find it..

After: Handmade Photo Frame

So far, this is my favorite! I think I would use smaller clips though. I believe I have seen really small clothes pegs at Michaels
Handmade photo frame (with the how-to) courtesy of Talia Christine

Would love to hear of any other ideas that may be floating around out there. If you have a link, please include it! Thanks!

Christmas Carol Singers at our doorstop. A yearly tradition around here that I love!

6 more days!

We wish you a merry christmas..we wish..