Trending – Pretty in pastels

Pastel colors  – Baby blue, taffy pink, frosty mint or maybe some lemon ice.

I love their names, but pastel colors are just not on my go-to color list. They are trending though and I have had 2 briefs now calling out for Pastels and Pop so it’s definitely time to have a go at them.

I have to admit that after day of playing around with them, I may have a new-found love.

colored pencils. pastels, photograph

Soft, milky, washed out colors bring images of candy store treats or carnivals to mind. Unfortunately, I have none of these in my repertoire of motifs  so  I had to play around with what I already had.

pastel colors, art, photograph, blog

Paint chips are a great source of hands on pastel colour inspiration, as are my pantone coloured pencils.

flowers, doodle, illustration, pastels

Pastel floral doodles – pretty fun with a nice vintage feel. I believe we once had a picnic table cover just like that packed away in the back of our station wagon for impromptu stops along the road. I also seem to remember a dress with a similar print.

pastel houses, illustration, house, drawing

I would be very happy living in a village of pastel coloured houses. I should have made this with canals and it could have been Murano Island.

One thing I have discovered about these colors is that it is hard to make them pop. I originally had this on a white background, but it wasn’t really adding anything to the print. A darker, cobble stone background helped out, but I am definitely going to have to continue working on this one. There is just something about the negative space that is throwing me off.

trend report, photograph

Have you checked out Emily Kiddys trend boards? I was happy to see this one come out while I had pastels on my mind. You can also pop over to her Pinterest account  for more trend reports and visual eye candy here


I love her trend boards and her blog in general. It is full of useful information, pretty graphics and lots of  inspiration. This board alone has already given me a few other ideas to try. Watch out for it!

So does this mean that pastel coloured jeans are coming back 2016?

Finding Inspiration in Tropical Flora and Foliage

Sharing some inspiration from the Big Island of Hawaii.

I love the assault of my senses here. The colours and shapes are bright and bold. The temperature and trade winds are gentle on the skin.The saltwater invigorating. And there really is nothing like getting pummelled by the Pacific to really feel alive

Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage


I love sitting here listening to the sounds of seaside living.

Lots of birds, crashing waves, the clatter of geckos and the early morning return of the fishing boats back to the bay. There are no boundaries between outside and in. It’s a bit like living in a treehouse

Everything is just so different from my usual back home in Whistler. I think that is what I love most about it here.

Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage

I can’t resist the urge to pick up almost everything on my morning runs here. It makes for a bit of a run/ walk, but is always well worth it.
This is generally how my hat returns home..
Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage
I often entertain the thought of moving here one day. It’s a topic of conversation that comes up often when we are here. It’s hard to say whether it would lose some of its magic.

Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage

For now I will continue to be a dreamer, taking pictures of all that inspires me here. I know it won’t be long until our next visit.

Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage

I was thrilled to wake up this morning and discover on Instagram that Michelle Osorio had also been inspired by my #florafoliage series posted there. (you can see them here)

Look at her beautiful, delicate water-colour. I have to say it made my day!  You can find Michelle here on Instagram


Michelle Osorio WaterColour on the {artistically afflicted blog}

I am going to milk out this tropical feeling for as long as possible – pineapples are up next week!


Eye Candy!

I get very excited about inspiration boards! They are pieces of art on to themselves.

Beautiful organic feel to it..Ditte Isager inspiration

They come in all shape,size and form.

1. Untitled, 2. mini inspiration, 3. Desk, 4. inspiration board: treefall design

They are randomly filled with little hints of this and  that. Tidbits of inspiration.

A 4 ft square of ever changing hits of inspiration

My inspiration board is rather on the large size,but thats how I roll. I seem to be able to find inspiration in anything…a.color, a line or pattern or maybe a composition My wee studio is filled with watercolor and acrylic paintings, canvas,paper and wood,handmade journals,beautiful paper and sewing materials…surrounded by many “how to” books. I rarely concentrate on one subject, but jump from one project to another. My inspiration board is testament to that. It is constantly evolving.

Paint chips with favorite color combinations.Inspirational quotes,text and font. Artists I love. Textures, homemade papers and patterns.The magazine snippet of my favorite hair cut always has to be included!

It all finds it space on my board…