Inspired by…a hit of sunshine

Relaxed. Refreshed. Rejuvenated.

The Big Island of Hawaii is very much alive. Snow capped mountains, volcanic deserts, waterfalls, black sand beaches and fields of black lava. All of this  interspersed with big, bold colorful flowers and pockets of white sandy beaches and tourquoise water.

A sensory overload. A vast canvas waiting to be explored.


Beautiful, soft shades of green, blue and gray mingle together

Whats on the other side?


Texture. Sand, lava rock, coral, old weathered wood, bamboo


Big, beautiful, bold organic shapes and colors


Fresh, juicy fruit off the tree. Mangoes,Papaya,Starfruit. The unbelievable taste of butter avocado.

The never-ending song of the surf.

I wish I could bottle up all of this goodness for the long winter months ahead.

Inspired by…all forms of art

  • Blogtoberfest ~ day 21

hmm, what should I do today?

This woman has~

  • too much time on her hands
  • leftover paint that she cant bare to waste
  • a problem with procrastination
  • too many years spent in ski boots
  • influential teenage daughters
  • 10 more days of Blogtoberfest
  • to come up with a halloween costume fast

Or maybe she just has a dream of being somewhere sunny with a warm gentle breeze. The sound of surf softly in the backgound.The sweet taste of mango and papaya fresh off the tree.Sand under her feet….

Back to my happy place….

Inspired by…a dream.

goethe, "inspirational quote"

I have definitely been inspired by a dream. A creative dream..a business dream?Possibly!

I am currently a participant in a Kelly Rae Roberts course inspiring and challenging us to live our creative dream. I jumped into this course head first.

It has been an amazing journey filled with many life and business lessons backed up by a wonderful community to support even your wildest dreams.But, it still leads me to the unanswered question…what are my creative dreams?

spaark mind-mapping

I have too many to concentrate on just one!

I spend all my spare time creating. I photograph. I journal. I paint. When I am not creating, I am thinking about what to create next. My mind is open and my thoughts fly freely. ..Sometimes I almost have too many ideas.

Unfortunately with all these dreams and ideas bouncing off each other I  have been inflicted with a  state of inertia.

But I have a plan! Will keep you posted.

Dreams really do come true…but only if you allow them!