Inspired by…the curious case of the ripped canvas

ripped canvas, louise gale color challenge,doodleart

A work in progress...more seeds,flowers and ink work to come.

For months now this poor canvas has been staring out at me from  behind all of my other work. Sadly I put him to rest months ago when this happened..

ripped canvas, louise gale color challenge,doodleart in peace

One big rip.

I am still blaming my artistic affliction for this incidence…nothing is safe in this household when I am in one of my moods.

Well in honor of Louise Gales Color Challenge this month, and some New Years resolutions that have me concentrating on wrapping up loose ends, I have decided to resurrect this baby.

Thanks all for your comments (and support) on how to fix this problem. A special thanks to Serena who even sent me a video which helped to inspire this project.

So can one fix a rather largish rip in a canvas? I definitely know so!

how to fix rip in canvas, art, paintYou will need a scrap piece of canvas (purchased by the roll at most art stores), some gel medium and heavy books.
Cut off any loose threads hanging from the rip.
Cut out a piece of canvas a little larger than the rip. Place on back of canvas over rip and place gel medium between two layers. Make sure to wipe off excess on front and back of canvas.
how to fix rip in canvas, art, paint
how to fix rip in canvas, art, paint
how to fix rip in canvas, art, paint

Place some parchment paper on front and back of canvas and lay flat on ground. I used some good old elbow grease to rub it all down and make sure all air bubbles, creases etc were out.
Place very heavy books on top. Let it rest.
I removed books after a few hours (ok I peeked once or twice) and then gave it a bit of time to air dry.
how to fix rip in canvas, art, paint The final product. Not pretty, but mended.

I added a number of layers of gel medium on top of rip to help level out the surface and smooth it out. Use fingers for this step.

Then I sat and stared at it wondering how on earth I produced that orangey color……
I have to remember to always write down paint colors used on back of canvas so I can remember what to mix when I go back to a piece months (or even days) later.

how to fix rip in canvas, art, paint

I had a few difficulties figuring out the colors used for this piece. The new colors may be a little off, but whatever…at least it’s not ripped.

This is an awfully long post…

Off to continue work on this canvas…Part two and more info on the color challenge to come this weekend!

Thanks for popping by. If you have any suggestions or advice on how to fix a ripped canvas, please share!

Have a great weekend.


Inspired by…the handcrafted office

My husband has decided that he wants his office space to have personality, to be interactive, to shine! He wants it to be a space that people can come work,connect create and be inspired.

initio group, gastown, vancouver

He wants it handcrafted…but is not so handy himself.

blank chalkboard, paint, initio group

one very large chalkboard to be fill with hand painted logos..

urban dig, initio group

Urbandig logo..

He wanted it done yesterday. The day of his “opening party”.

massive action,

in need of some...

That is where I come in. I knew it was all leading up to me, but thought that maybe I could feign extreme busy-ness, illness  or possibly a school outing.

A 2 hr drive away down to the city on treacherous roads won out. While I was able to have one work day down there last week, this week was too busy with kids, exams and very icy roads.

interactive poster, doodle, initio group,

4 ft by 4 ft interactive poster ~ sharpie included to leave your mark

inspirational quote, Paul Arden

My exact feeling...

start up , word collage

some words based around "start-ups" in the tech world..

chalk board paint, clipboard

chalked up go on come.

I spent the weekend, sharpie and paint in hand…winging it. That is the only word I can come up with to describe my process. Strapped for time and unsure of my direction.

My mantra…a work in progress..I will start and hopefully others will follow by example.

I have to admit I really do love the concept.It is a bit different and it could be fun. A chance for everyone to add a little bit of themselves to the space.  Keep in mind that these types meet up from all over to connect with others in their industry, to team build, to inspire. If everyone left a little something it could become a unique and very interesting space. Anything from a unique business card, a funny drawing or inspirational quote will suffice.


Show up..think different..disrupt = success

Handcrafted takes time. Always a work in progress…

My love for art is taking me into very unknown territory.

Always learning…

Inspired by …my commitment to just finish!

Had a good laugh today when I found this.

to do list

Just in case you forget...go home!

Yes, the to-do list of a ten-year old boy. Life sure is good…

I am happy that he is following my lead and actually making lists because I believe they are a good thing. A good spot to keep an ongoing tally of things that need to get done….always, never-ending and constant…that’s how I refer to my to-do list.

I thought about posting a picture.. or four.. of my list. My friends always make fun of me because not only is it covered with lists, but there is always a doodle or two incorporated into it all. My current list is a few pages long now with the holidays coming up.Unfortunately I am not in the mood for dealing with half the things on my current list. Buying and changing lightbulbs,putting up Christmas lights, baking…these do nothing for me. In fact, I don’t even want to acknowledge some of the things I have to do because I just don’t. feel.! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just forget…

Ignorance is bliss!

…until you catch a glimpse and groan..oh..really should get that done. I recently found an old to-do list  and had a good laugh when I  discovered that some of my to-do items have still not been done….months later. I happily transfer them from one week to the next..secretly hoping they will just disappear…or that maybe someone else will deal with them. what have I been doing while I procrastinate? Do you even have to ask?
paint tray

I am holding myself accountable and trying to  work on my finishing skills. Nothing new is allowed to be started until I finish some of the canvas that are taking up my floor space and my mind space. I need to clear out and de-clutter. My goal is to start and complete two paintings a week. All I ask from you is that you hold me to it!

So here is the progression of this weeks two painting.. I blogged about the inspiration for them here.

I started both using the same colors, but different mark making tools. They both took on a life of their own after that.

mark making

Finding images


Working it..

Ok, it’s not quite finished. I am a little stuck on what to do next. These poppies are a little too free wheeling for me. I think they need to be grounded with stems, but I don’t want stems dividing up the page. Any suggestions? I am thinking that I may try to portray the image of stems, but right now I am drawing a bit of a blank. It will come…

Work #2

same colors...different marks

mark making, finding images

Finding images...and obliterating

Phthalo Blue was NOT in my color scheme here. But in the back of my mind I could hear Flora saying “do something bold”. Phthalo Blue is me breaking out the bad. It is such an intense color that seems to just take over. It’s about as naughty as I can get these days…

Working it...

I think this is done. Or maybe I am just done with it! I think I just need to balance out the background a bit more..

These will both be going in my Etsy shop. Oh, that’s right…etsy shop still on my to-do list…!

Have a great week!

Flora Bowleys e-course is open for registration. It doesn’t start until February so think about it!
Registration is open now and this five-week painting adventure will begin on Monday February 6, 2012. See

Inspired by….a deadline

Oh goodness, what have I got myself into this time…

I thought I would embrace the art community. The “real” one. The one  where I live.

Up until now I have been concentrating on my “online” community. The safe one.The one where everyone wears rose-colored glasses and loves your work. My kind of community!

I applied for our upcoming Art Council “In your dreams” event . I was accepted. All good.

I started my project here. Unfortunately it was brought to an abrupt end when this happened. in peace

Yes, that is a big rip in my canvas. A gentle reminder that while it is fun to spread out on the floor with your canvas, it can also be a hazard to leave it there.Wondering why I am painting on the floor and not at my easel? You must go here

The life and times of the artistically afflicted…it is a hazardous life indeed.

I am still not entirely sure how that rip got there. I have blamed the dog, my children, providence…
In time, I will accept that I am the only one to blame.

In my artistically afflicted kind of way. I can imagine that I leaned it up against something because the floor became too full with paper, glue and paint. The desk was already busy with my sewing machine. The kitchen table with my computer and journaling material…

Can it be fixed? Well, that is to be determined…all suggestions are welcome!

So with one week to go and no extra canvas hanging around, I have had to come up with Plan B


doodle, large scale art

4ft by 4ft doodle -y- do

A 4ft by 4ft doodle. All to be filled in by next week. Easy.. if I wasnt leaving to Seattle tomorrow for 3 days. Easy if I didn’t have to do a million other things…

Which once again brings me back to my original question.
What have I got myself into this time?(It doesn’t even fit on the dining room table!)

It is all beginning to feel very reminiscent of exams…shouldnt have gone out the night before..

I can feel an all nighter coming on.

On the brighter side of things….at least I have a project for my Creative Everyday goal!

Ahh, the joys of rose-colored glasses!

Inspired by …the abstract.

For Illustration Friday – Stripes

If you look closely you will notice that my abstract piece is all about the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines. Do you see it?

It was either that or a poorly drawn zebra:)


As I continue plodding along through the month of November and the Creative Everyday project I have come to learn a few things…

I need to be creative everyday. It only has to be a half hour, nothing more, hopefully not less. Its my down time. Time to think and ponder…or not.
I enjoy the process of creating. More playing, less thinking. Love abstract for that reason..even though it is much harder than it looks.
I am not a finisher. I find it difficult to go back to a piece especially if it is “of” something.
I need community and challenges, mixed with a few pats on the back, to get me out of my comfort zone.
I need to discover more colors and how to mix instaed of going back to the same old.
I work best in short bursts of creativity.
I have gone from creating for etsy to creating for my blog. I am not sure when that transformation came about, but it goes without saying that I am wholeheartedly enjoying blogging about my creative journey and the community I have developed around me. I am feeling very content and satisfied with where I am at right now. Etsy can wait…

Enough about me….

How are you finding it to be creative everyday?

Inspired by…pinterest and my new terrarium

The peaks are covered. The snow line is slowly drifting down towards the valley. There is a small scattering of snow on the grass and fallen leaves.
whistler, wedge mountain, alta lake
Ahh…winter is here. A very bittersweet feeling for me this year. I love winter. Winter is why I moved to Whistler.Unfortunately, summer never really showed its lovely side here and I am still craving all things summer….
So,to ward off any hard feelings I may be experiencing towards winter I have decided to fill my house with LIVE things.My goal is to create my own little oasis of summer right smack dab here in the middle of winter. It is going to be filled with big, bold beautiful colors. Lots of live plants and flowers. I may even get a fish or two as a centerpiece for my dining room table.
Recently an acquaintance and fellow flier friend of mine Julie from jaeartworks suggested we post how we have been inspired by Pinterest. My inspiration from pinterest is endless. I have posted many times about my love here and here…and slight addiction. While perusing one rainy morning I came upon this…

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Needless to say, it sparked my desire to create something alive and flourishing.
Here is what you will need to make your own terrarium, or miniature landscape.
terranium, minature lanscape, succulents

  • A unique glass container to house your terrarium. Possibly a mason jar or old fish aquarium. I was lucky enough to receive my wonderful container as a gift from my mom. She is constantly cruising the thrift store for finds and this one she got for $10. A steal! I have had endless fun creating centerpieces.
  • Succulents. Water retaining plants or as I like to call them, self-watering. A must for me as the only green thumb I have is from finger painting. Choose 3-5 succulents, in various colors, size and shape.
  • Bark Mulch.
  • Small pebbles,sand, vegetable fibers, shells, birch bark….filler! Small lizards and turtles are also welcome…but not in my house.

The How to…

  • Remove succulents from packaging,keeping soil intact. I placed into container until I liked the arrangement.
  • Spread bulk mulch around the plants, covering them until soil no longer visible.

  • Now the fun part..make it your own.

I added small pebbles and pinecones, a few paper balls and moss. I am on the look out for some smaller pieces of birch bark and other organic finds from my garden and surroundings.

So easy to make and care for, a delight to look at plus it gets the creative juices flowing.
Trust me…this will not be the only one in my house.

My new terrarium accompanied with a beautiful orchid sitting center stage on my kitchen island and a scattering of fresh flowers will hopefully keep all ill feelings toward winter at bay.

Bring it on El Nina!!

Inspired by….autumn colors

Blogtoberfest day 17

the protective one..

There is nothing better than a beautiful, cool, crisp fall day. Vibrant reds and yellows shadowed by a rich bluebird sky, the smell of burning wood in the air,the snow slowly creeping down the mountain. It almost makes me look forward to winter. Almost…..

A touch of red

I tend to surround myself with rich colors at this time of year. I change-up my surroundings to be richer in color with more texture. I fill the fridge with comfort food – hearty soups, cheese and bread. My favorite fall boots and sweaters come out to play.


I feel very lucky to live with seasonal change. I could do with a little longer summer, but oddly I forget just how short it is on a beautiful bluebird day like today.

what am I?

All this rich, vibrant color, knocking me over every time I step out the door has got to go somewhere. Being a neutral kind of girl is not always so easy on days like today.

So, what am I doing with all of this bottled up inspiration?


a work in progress - autumn colors

A work in progress. Lots of color (for me!) Big, organic,leafy shapes…that will be expanded upon.I am thinking…fun, flamboyant and happy.This is in the beginning stages, but I have very high expectations for it.

Check out the paint chips below.I chose these colors before anything. I want all of these colors to be incorporated in the finished product. Trust me, I have had to keep them very close at hand so as not to veer from the colors desired.

stick with the plan....

Beautiful colors with beautiful names.. Not entirely sure how I am going to incorporate them all, but if I go for enough walks in the woods, I am sure it will come to me. Fingers crossed!

Inspired by…the color palette generator

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 12

I have been thinking a lot about color these days. Color is not something that comes easily to me.I love color, but I have to really work my brain to get color from my mind’s eye onto canvas. I need all the help I can get…..

Yesterdays post about Pinterest and my pinning of favorite color combinations got me thinking of other ways that I “add’ color to my artwork.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I originally read about the Color Palette Generator on one of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts. Naturally I found it so inspiring that I then pinned it to Pinterest.( have I mentioned lately how much I love my computer…)
The Color Palette Generator is so easy to use. You can link here for full details courtesy of Creature Comforts. It is all visual so no reading required. The above image explains it all.

  • find image you looove
  • right-click to view url of image
  • “copy” image url
  • go to website
  • copy and paste link into Color – Palette-ify! box
  • A ha!

You now have your beautiful image plus the main colors within the image. I find it much easier to take these colors and get my paint a mixing.

Of course, all of this color coding can also be applied to your blog or website. Have a beautiful image and want to base a header/ banner/ blog button around it? Color-Pallette-ify the image and A ha! you have the colors listed and their “ingredients” for you to use in your other web-based projects.

Easy -peesy. Love!

If you have any tricks up your sleeve…please share. I need help……

Thanks for visiting!

Inspired and different colors.

Blogtoberfest ~ day ?

I have been trying to break free of my usual color scheme. It is not easy.

My home is painted ginger root,  my accents are always red and orange. I have been living with this color scheme for about 20 years now. I don’t know if I will ever be able to break free of it. It’s just kind of who we are now….

Interestingly, most of my art is always on the warm side….until now.

I am trying to break free…if it can only be through my art, then so be it…

My new groove is to “pin” color schemes on Pinterest and then apply them to art. Curious as to what I am talking about? Go here

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Purples and blues. I would never think to combine these colors together.

I will be honest, it’s a bit on the wild side for me. I may be a bit conservative when it comes to color…
So it was decided. My goal was to use these colors in my art exercise..

Here is what happened….

Colors used ~

  • cobalt teal
  • napthol red
  • naples yellow
  • titanium white
  • mars black

cobalt teal, napthol red

Some fun mark making in above colors and then painting out space around into some standard shapes.

mark making, texture, mixed media

Making marks..exploring texture
mark making, texture, acrylic paint
Making shapes…trying different mediums..lots of charcoal, oil pastels and ink

Obliterating all…and coming up with something new, but still within the same color scheme.

All of the above pieces created on small 8′ by 10″ inch watercolor paper. Constantly reminding myself to let go and loosen up..its only paper.

Big ideas…small committment. Explore and see if your idea is worth committing more time and energy to..

Next time I am going to try and shake it up a bit more. Less Tapestry and Blooming Blue. More Greenleaf and Natural.

Love to hear and see some of your fav color combinations!

Inspired by….sketchbook pro

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 6

Recently I posted about my love for my ipad here. My love for it gets greater everyday. I do not want to have these attachments to external devices . I know that in a moments notice all can be lost. I am still grieving the loss of an old hard drive the other day…. It was too traumatic to post about at the time, but as time heals, I will…

On to happier thoughts…my love for my ipad and a certain application called Sketchbook Pro. Below is a little something I whipped up while waiting for a plane not too long ago. No thoughts or cares just playing with marks and colors I do not normally use.

I really enjoyed the process of creating this. (those who know me well are shaking their heads right now…flying is not my favorite pastime so flying has become a bit of a ‘happy time’ for me 😉

I thought I would give this a try on paper. I have been doodling or mark making a lot these days and thinking how am I going to incorporate these marks into my work. Here is what I came up with…
flowers for you..

Now when I started out my intention was to try to make them similar, but as you can see that didn’t really goes as planned. I was all free and easy using my ipad, but the moment I got to paper, I tightened up and wasn’t as flowy.I found I also could not recreate my original colors as easily as I could on the ipad.

Time and patience with will get there..

Regardless, the concept and premise behind the two were the same. I started out by making lots of random marks and shapes. Took a step back to find some patterns. Then just painted in the negative space around them.

Once again, just trying to learn from experience and hopefully sharing this with you will provide you with an a’ha moment of your own. Hope so!

I would love you to share any other creative ipad applications in the comment section below that others  may be interested in. Thanks!