Modern Yardage ~ fresh & contemporary fabric!

I am very happy to officially announce that I have been invited to join the Modern Yardage fabric team!

Modern Yardage logo

A new digital textile fabric manufacturer, Modern Yardage is dedicated to bringing fresh, contemporary, fun fabrics to the modern sewist. Created to help solve the problems that the fabric industry faces by taking away the speculation on trends, popular print shortages and scarcity, and limited color and scale offerings, Modern Yardage is rethinking the traditional fabric manufacturing process and offering something new to the industry.

I have done the happy dance many times about this, but it still never grows old for me. I am very excited!

I was hesitant to announce it until I had the goods in hand. The Pantone chart was not enough.I needed to see it to believe it.

I wanted swatches with my designs…

julie hamilton designs,modern yardage fabric

My first strike-offs for the Willow Wisp collection

I almost drove my poor mailman mad waiting for this. He actually waited for me to open it, which was only slightly unnerving. I had visions of user error – crazy colors and no-peats – Instead, I was greeted by super soft fabric and rich, saturated color all in perfect repeat.I may have had a moment:)

Without further ado – My first collection.

The Willow Wisp Collection

julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

Willow Wisp comes to you in three colorways.  It also comes in 3 sizes! Big and bold or smaller scale ~ you make the choice on how you would like to customize your fabric project.

Lots of inspiration for your sewing and crafting needs!

julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

The colors are bright and saturated! I will add real,live shots later to give you a better understanding of the color. Sometimes the computer screen can be a little off!
julie hamilton designs, modern yardage fabric

I can’t wait to see what others create with this design. There is something quite special about seeing your design beautifully crafted or sewn into something special. I am hoping that I get the opportunity to collaborate on some sewing projects.If you are interested, please connect with me!

For more Modern Yardage fabric and inspiration, please visit our Pinterest page!

Connect with us here!

Pop on over, meet the other designers and discover what’s so special about Modern Yardage!


14 thoughts on “Modern Yardage ~ fresh & contemporary fabric!

  1. Yay Julie! Isn’t it the most exciting/nerve-racking/joyful/ time to get that Modern Yardage package in the mail?!?!? And to rip it open and see your gorgeous designs appear? WONDERFUL collection!!! Love those yummy golds!

    • THAT about describes it! I must have sat and stared at it forever…and then I draped it over the dining room table for all to see. My family thought I was a bit nuts. It’s all very fun, but I am most looking forward to seeing something all sewn up in it:) Thanks Mary!

  2. Hi Juilie
    Wow! I am so happy for you. The fabrics look amazing and I love the colorways too.
    Great choices. I understand how exciting it is to see your fabrics come to life in a line. I can see you waiting patiently every day to see the swatches.
    On another note, I would love to collaborate with you on a sewing project. I am thinking about doing some little girls dresses and I think your fabrics are bold and bright, which is what I want. Let me know.
    All my love and kisses to a really talented lady, who quite frankly I really admire.

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