Learning from Lilla Rogers – Part 2

I am sad to say that my time with Lilla and my new community of friends in Make art that Sells has come to an end ~ at least for the time being.Part B starts in October and I am signed up and ready to go.I have an idea of what to expect this time around and plan to be fully prepared. The next couple of months will be a well needed break as I have quite a few ideas on how to change and improve things around here.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

Creating moodboards to inspire

I  have to admit that I am always a little sad at the end of any course. I find it very motivating to get into a schedule of creating and I have discovered that I love creating to a brief. I find that my best work is produced when I explore a theme.I love all the ideas and fresh outlook that it creates.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

Mixed media-paint, paper,ink and some sewing too!

My time with Lilla has taught me to approach my art with a new sense of wild abandon.Well, not too wild, but full!

She had us explore many different mediums and I found that a lot of my learning was actually applied  to the creation of my artwork~ experimenting and trying new things. I am definitely going to try to incorporate lots of new techniques into my work and I may even sit down and finally conquer photoshop.  My hope is to find a way to incorporate my traditional and digital worlds. Most of my favorite pieces from other students in the course were those that had a combination of techniques. I truly believe that skill in both is necessary to market yourself.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

I thought I would share some of my learnings from Lilla~ a few that I have tucked away and use when creating to remind me to step it up!

Learnings from Lilla:

10,000 hours – yes, it is true. It will take many hours of (free) time and devotion to perfect your craft. You have to have a lot of patience and perserverance.Create everyday. Every mark is a learning experience.

Keep exploring– try new things.Experiment with new techniques and different mediums.Every mark is a teaching experience. Keep an art journal.

Delight your audience. There are in house artists that can make polka dot patterns-your art needs to surprise and delight your audience.

Discover your passion~ what gets you excited? I know that marks, texture and color get me going.I love layers too.Discover your passion and work it.

Go the extra distance.Think about how to make your art just that little bit different from everyone else. Think about how you would like to present it to the world.

Contrast~your work has to stand out in a thumbnail.Use color, contrast and texture to make it pop.

Don’t compare – easier said than done. I was amazed at the talent in our community. Blown away may be a better way to describe my reaction to the completed assignments. Lilla constantly stresses that you are on your own journey and your style will find it’s time and place.Stick with your style – work your style. There is a place in the market for everyone.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

Mixed Media-paper, pen,paint

Stick with a theme. Have a focal point. Use different mediums to get your point across. Work your composition. Use wonderful, fresh color!

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

Hyper-lush zipper pouches. My favorite assignment.

The list goes on and while many lessons are those that you have heard before, it is nice to be have them presented in a new light and with examples. I have mentioned this before, but Lilla really opened my eyes to many new possibilities of what I can do with my art..and she provided lots of examples.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

I have so much more to share, but I think it’s time for you to consider this course for yourself. I know I was a tad skeptical going in, but I can safely say that it is time and money very well spent!You wont be disappointed. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at jules@bollah.com

For more info – Make Art that Sells

For Part 1 of Learning from Lilla see here!

I am participating in Lilla’s Global Talent Search. I will give you a sneak peek next week!

4 thoughts on “Learning from Lilla Rogers – Part 2

  1. I so appreciate this creative summary, as I didn’t take the course but was curious. Gorgeous mark-making, textures, color and detail, Julie. And YES, time for Photoshop, where you can combine it all.

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