Learning from Lilla Rogers

I am half way through  Part A of Make Art That Sells. We have covered Bolt fabric, Home decor, Children’s Books and Wall art. My eyes are wide open and my heart is beating a little faster.The possibilities for surface design are endless and as Lilla likes to say  “There’s room for every style, trust me”

Lilla has introduced me to a multitude of ways to get my art out there into the world. Markets that I would have never considered – think.. tattoos, stickers, coloring books,ornaments,ceramic art, wall decals. The list is endless. She has me considering opportunities that I would never have dreamed possible.She also has me a bit overwhelmed and thinking that the time is now to start thinking about my art, my brand and my direction.

For now though, I think I will immerse myself thoroughly in all aspects and enjoy the introduction to all of the possibilities that are out there. I am feeling creatively stretched to push my work just that little bit further. I am raising the bar.

julie hamilton designs-art journal page

Sharing a few art journal pages with you that I have created during my time in the course ~my visual way of thinking, finding direction and just plain old daydreaming.

julie hamilton designs-art journal page

The course has been  full of interesting information.I appreciate how Lilla has broken down the art assignments into smaller bite size pieces.Instead of being faced with the daunting task of creating one large piece, she has you slowly creating everyday, using the smaller parts to make up the greater whole.It is a  nice and easy way of approaching the, sometime ,overwhelming big white canvas.

artistically afflicted blog-julie hamilton designs

working some of my hand drawn kitchen elements into some sort of cohesive whole

julie hamilton designs - #make art that sells

Taking time to add detail and interest my goal, to “delight my audience and blow myself away”..I love that! I think that quote is going to have to go up in my studio.

Lilla encourages you to follow your heart, create what you love and create things that get you excited. Your enthusiasm and joy will shine through in your work  “People buy your joy”

julie hamilton designs - #makeartthatsells

“See the world around you as raw material”. I never thought I would have so much fun and find so many ways to illustrate a plain, old mushroom.

julie hamilton designs - #makeartthatsells

Lots of daily reminders and encouragement to be authentically you ~ create how you love to create ~ but don’t be scared to try new and different media and tools. Approach your work with an open mind.

Round? Yes, round!

julie hamilton deisgns - #makeartthatsells

I am  loving Lilla’s  enthusiasm for her course. I feel she is really present in our community and classroom. She is a wealth of information and loves to share. She is a teacher in the true sense of the word.

Yay for Lilla, our Momacita Fairy Godmother!

More to come next week for Make Art that Sells ~illustrations, wall art, editorials and more. Watch out for Lillas  Global Talent Search starting this week!

I will be back later this week for another creative process blog post!

Enjoy the sun.

16 thoughts on “Learning from Lilla Rogers

  1. Great post Julie! You look like you are really pushing yourself with your art and your enthusiasm & excitement really shine through in your blog post. Your work is really looking fantastic!

  2. Wonderful post Julie, your journal pages are great! I am so enjoying this class too and the connections we are all making here. Thanks for sharing!

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