Find New Designers Pin-hop!

Welcome to the first ever Print and Pattern Pin Hop! I dare say it may be the first ever Pin-Hop on Pinterest.

The Pin-Hop is hosted by Find New Designers, a collective of International Surface Pattern Designers.

Pin-Hop (defn)~ similar to a blog hop, but using Pinterest to pin our designs to a group board. The reader can then easily view each design and click on the image of choice to be directed to their favorite designers website/portfolio to see more.

Each designer has created a collection of designs based on one of Patternbanks A/W 2013/14 trend forecast themes showcased over on the Find New Designers Pin-Hop board. Over 50 designers world-wide are participating! A big thank you to Tina Olsen of Fyllayta for organizing!

The Pin-hop will take place tomorrow, Saturday June 15th! Please be sure to visit all of the other designers and feel free to comment, share,like and do what you do best – Repin!

The link to the Find New Designers Pin-Hop board is here 

My designs are loosely based on the Bauhaus/Op art theme of the 1920’s to 60s. I spent a bit of time researching the period and had some fun exploring in black and white.

julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}
I took a bit of creative license with my design process.My thoughts were around retro, geometric shapes intersecting with each other. I really did try hard to stick to my theme, but unfortunately I can’t always predict the end result of my creativity.

Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}
I have to say I am loving this color palette! I never use pink in my work, but here I am getting a bit carried away with it. I always love red and orange.
Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}
I was having quite a bit of fun with my geometric shapes so I thought I would try to stretch my style and create a design of geometric style flowers. This is very different from my hand drawn style, but I enjoyed the process and can see myself using more of this style in my design work.
Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}

There you have it! A great exercise designed around a theme, a few more designs to add to my portfolio and an interesting experiment being involved in a Pin-Hop.I must say, so far, I am quite pleased with the results.

I will be back early next week for two(!) Creative Process blogposts! If you have a moment please check out Majo Bautistas design work on the Pin-Hop. She was featured two weeks ago on my Creative Process series. You may be interested to see how she interpreted her theme.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Find New Designers Pin-hop!

  1. Julie, a pleasure to visit your blog and find this didatic post and this amazing collection. I love that colour palette you chose. I saw flowers on the top pattern, didn´t you? And I lovely how the whole collection came together. Thank you for showing your sketchbook too. It´s so delightful to go through your creative process!

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