From paper to pattern ~ a creative process

Late night doodling. This kind of doodling makes me happy. Pen in hand with absolutely nothing to do, but patiently wait for the clock to strike midnight.

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

The joys of parenthood and late nights, waiting to pick up my daughter and friends from a party.Trying to think happy thoughts instead of fretting about the next 3 years ~ late night pick ups, boyfriends, and general lack of sleep. I may be a bit envious too- I want to got to parties!

Sorry,off topic – mindless doodling. I think what I love best about these drawings is their imperfection. They are downright crooked!I also love the childlike feel to them.I feel like getting the crayons out and coloring.

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

Scanning my black and white drawings into Illustrator and back to the computer.Deconstructing my work on paper and reconstructing into lots of different motifs on the computer.

I am slowly learning to love  playing with my drawings on the computer.I haven’t spent as much time drawing directly on my tablet/computer as I should, still preferring the feel of paper under my pens. I know it just requires some practice, but, for me, drawing is also my opportunity to be away from the computer.Time to sit in the garden or in a sunny spot by the window.

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs
Playing with colors and forming ideas ~ putting together the pieces of the story. I can imagine these  flower motifs on a wide variety of products.

Wouldnt you love to be sporting that colorful umbrella on a gray,rainy west coast  kind of day?

Pattern making time.

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton designs

There you have the start of Butterscotch Berry– a new collection , coming to you soon!

I would love to see your creative process and feature you here on my blog.It doesn’t have to be about surface pattern ~ mixed media, black and white sketching, photography~ it’s all good! I want to show what inspires and motivates you to create. If you would like to share please email me at

A happy week to all!

6 thoughts on “From paper to pattern ~ a creative process

  1. Great post Julie. I love the intermediate step where you jot down your ideas. Looks fab, like something in a magazine. Your patterns look great too.

  2. The doodles are amazing, Julie. Love them so much. I am doing the same thing over here, preparing collections and enjoying the process a lot too. Lovely colours and clean looks. I would have the umbrella, sure, and rain boots and a nice agenda and lovely cushions curtains etc. So many applications for those graphic, bold and beautiful motifs. Congrats!

  3. Hello Julie. I love this post. It is always so great to see how an artist goes about creating designs. Just a question, what pens do you prefer for inking? Thanks for the insight into your world. MaryJane

    • Thank you-I am still trying to find the perfect pen! I have been using sharpie(no bleed), Picma micron pens and prismacolor. I like them all, but still thinking that there is something super special out there. I am heading to the city Friday on a search so will keep you posted! Julie

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