A gift from Petra Kern Designs

Look what I received in my mailbox!

Petra Kern, artistically afflicted blog

Thank you so much Petra Kern!

I was fortunate to win this beautiful, handmade journal on Petra’s blog  just a few weeks ago. I have been excited, patiently waiting for its arrive all the way from Slovenia.

Petra Kern designs, artistically afflicted blog

Who doesn’t love a notebook? The perfect place to record thoughts, jot down a favorite recipe or doodle a beautiful motif for a future pattern. I am very impressed with the quality and I admit to setting a high standard for my notebooks. The paper is smooth with a good weight.Perfect for use with black ink, my tool of preference.

Petra Kern journal, artistically afflicted blog

I really enjoy looking at all of Petra’s design work. Her work is hand drawn with ink, watercolor  and acrylic paint. She leans towards florals that are feminine and intricate. I love her attention to detail.

Petra Kern, artistically afflicted blog

Petra Kern, artisticallyafflicted blog

I admire her use of color. She has a wonderful way of combining colors that just make me feel happy! Petra has a lovely portfolio on her website. Pop over for some more beautiful examples of her work. Make sure to check out her mixed media paintings too.

Petra Kern, artistically afflicted blog

Petra Kern, artistically afflicted blog

I am very happy to have met Petra through The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course. Since graduating she has started her own creative business and is actively pursuing her dreams as a full time surface pattern designer. She is an inspiration.

To find out more Petra, please drop by her website and facebook page.

To purchase your own lovely journal, please drop by her etsy store.

Petra Kern Designs

Petra Kern Design ~ Etsy 

Petra Kern Designs ~ Facebook

I cant believe it is March already! Enjoy every minute.

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