Finding inspiration on a winters walk

Last week I was thinking that spring is just around the corner. Once again, I have been fooled by Mother Nature. We are expecting 30-60 cm of snow this week in Whistler, B.C.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog

It is usually at this time of year that I start to crave color, lots of color, in my life. I am surrounded by many different shades of gray and white and while I still find it beautiful, a little pop of color would be a welcome change.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog

Todays walk had me trudging along, eyes downward, in search of some sketching inspiration. I was a bit surprised to find a bountiful of old, decayed foliage around. Lots of different shapes, colors and texture all supplied by a bit of cold weather and snow.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog

I was a little amazed at some of the little tidbits of nature I found.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog

Twenty minute sketch time ~ no thoughts on perfection just some fun mark making, paying attention to the different shapes and textures. Some more marks and hopefully some inspiration for a cool motif to add to my ever-growing collection.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

This is also very nice to come upon in the middle of winter. Yarn bombing is alive and well in Whistler.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog

This still beings a smile to my face every time I see it. I am almost tempted to learn how to knit.

What am I thinking?No.

My husband is still trying to convince me that it would be really cool if I got a black sharpie and doodled all over our front yard birch tree. I think he may be making fun of me.

julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog

My walking companion, Cariboo, patiently waiting for what he feels is rightfully his. I swear he was rolling his eyes during the photoshoot.

7 thoughts on “Finding inspiration on a winters walk

  1. Oh, love these images. I’ve got my own blanket of white too. Also want to tell you how much I think your new banner is awesome. So happy you have found your “thing” Julie.

    • How are you enjoying all the whiteness? Such a change from Texas. I am loving instagram and snapseed these days. Making photography so easy! I am going to post about it all next week. Thanks for dropping by! Julie

  2. Hi Julie,
    I’ve just recently started to follow your blog. I think I came across you through following links from Flora Bowley’s blog. Anyway, I enjoyed this post, the snow, the trees, the sketches and your lovely Cariboo. I live in France near Paris, so we don’t have as much snow of course. When there’s five cms here everything grinds to a halt. I love walking with my two dogs, painting and writing like you.

    • Hi Henrietta.Thanks for commenting. Its so nice to know a bit about others stopping by. I am a huge fan of Floras. I did her real, live, workshop and her online one too. Both were fantastic! I need to spend more time painting! Her approach is wonderful- very liberating. I will drop by your blog later to say hi! Julie

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