Inspired by… the lovely,lush and radiant,emerald

It’s lively. It’s radiant. It’s lush.

Introducing Emerald, Pantone Color of the Year for 2013.

julie hamilton, artistically afflicted

Today I am joining together with a group of designers from all over the wold in a bloghop celebrating Pantone Color of the Year~ Emerald.

I hope you are arriving here all the way from Leeds in the U.K~ from surface pattern designer Emma Frances Designs blog. Emma creates -she sews,sketches and loves her camera. I think we would be good friends if only she lived a little closer.

If you would like to hop back right to the very beginning then please feel free to jump to Gill Egglestons  Pattern Addicts site.

julie hamilton, surface pattern design, emerald

I love the color green.I live in a mountain town surrounded by every shade of green.Green in my art work though? Well, that is something I always find challenging!

julie hamilton, surface pattern design, emerald
I was hoping to combine it with hits of color like red and pink, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right match. I am really looking forward to see how everyone else used the color in combination.I am curious to see their perspective. Hoping to pick up a few tips along the way!

julie hamilton, surface pattern design, emerald

A special thank you to Rosie Martinez-Dekker of Believe Creative Studio.She has done a wonderwoman job curating todays bloghop.

julie hamilton, surface pattern design, emerald

Up next is Elixabete Ariztegieta of Eli Risty Design. Eli is a textile designer based in the lovely town of Donosti, in the Basque Country.

I have more Efutos  and a special post about the Little White Book of Designers coming up next. Stay tuned!

36 thoughts on “Inspired by… the lovely,lush and radiant,emerald

  1. Julie I love the delicate linework on your dragonflies and I can see you’re a natural with the colour green – I love the lime green and emerald combination and nearly used it myself! Wonderful work.

  2. your dragonflies are outstanding! great texture & layering. agree that the first could be a stained glass design. good luck in 2013!

  3. Your graphic compositions really resonate with me! I really love all of your prints but the one that really stands out is the first one. Your use of color-blocking really adds depth and interest. And although you had trouble with the color, I think the gold-tones were unique and a very successful choice. These are actually some of my favorites in the hop. Best to you in the coming year!

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  5. Julie, I think you used emerald beautifully! Impressive designs and I really LOVE the dragonfly pattern.. and also each and every of your dragonfly patterns, I remember 🙂 I’m sure it’ll look fab as a journal cover or any paper goods!

  6. Beautiful work as always Julie! I love your top piece and your bottom floral, ok I love them all! I think you are really finding your style! Best wishes on your continued creative journey!!!

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