Inspired by~the fine art of procrastination {papercutting}

Would someone please come over and do all of my christmas baking? I dont know what has prompted me to start a new project in the final days before christmas. I swear I had very good intentions christmas shopping the other day, but then I came across this.

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton

Still trying to figure out how I ended up in the craft section – no cranberries there!

Well, what was I suppose to do ~ with my new found love for papercutting, I had to throw it in the cart.I justified it by deciding I would make some pretty, homemade card sets to give out for Christmas. It’s December 20th.

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton

artisticallyafflicted, julie hamilton
“Tis the season to procrastinate! Would love to hear how you procrastinate during this busy, holiday season?

Enjoy your holidays!

5 thoughts on “Inspired by~the fine art of procrastination {papercutting}

  1. Oh I think I would have had to do that too Julie! Beautiful Christmas card! I’ve been doing the mega clean of my studio in the days leading up to Christmas_ 20 hours so far and I’m finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel! Happy holidays to you and your family! Love Tracy xo

    • Oh, I would love to be there helping you. Very snowy here-too much snow to leave the house!Hope you are enjoying your time at back at home. Happy holidays to you! xo

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