Inspired by…the refresh button

I have just returned from my sunny little world deep down in the Pacific Ocean. I absolutely adore my happy place ~ the Big Island of Hawaii. It is always very bittersweet to leave.
photography, big islandI miss the color, the warm breeze and  the sound of early morning life on the island. I miss all of the unusual flora and fauna, the lava rock and coral. I miss the quality time spent with my friends and family.


I am already counting down the days until I am back there again.

I do love returning home though with fresh eyes and an armful of photos to keep me inspired throughout the long,cold winter months.The snow is starting to fall and I am inspired to make my home my sanctuary for the upcoming winter months. I think lots of color is the answer!

Funny, but here I find myself sitting in my studio paralyzed. I am excited to draw, paint, collage and get my hands dirty, but, for whatever reason, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. The list of things I want to accomplish is long . I know this feeling – it’s a good feeling, but a state of mind where little really gets accomplished as I busily hop from project to project.

I have come to learn to recognize this feeling and I know exactly what to do…

Just start!

art journal,mix media,mark making

Grab journal paper,paint, markers, crayons~ anything and just get started. No pressure to do anything of any importance but just get the creative juices flowing. Make marks, create texture, play with colors.

art journal,mix media,mark making

Just throw some paint around~ feels so good to get messy.

art journal,mix media,mark making

Lessons learned with every mark.

art journal,mix media,mark making

It’s Art Everyday month ~ Hop on over to Leahs blog for more info on Art Everyday.

See you in a few days!


8 thoughts on “Inspired by…the refresh button

    • Why thank you! They were so much fun to do especially because right before I was just sitting there feeling very blah about starting! Thanks for stopping by-love AEDM! Julie

  1. ooooooh your journal pages are gorgeous. I especially love the colors and textures of the first one which reminds me of your photos from Hawaii. Thank you for taking me to Hawaii in your photos. A stop here today offered a little magic to my otherwise gray moment in the office.

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