Inspired by…a little friendly competition.

There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition to give you a little shove out of your comfort zone.I have discovered the process to be quite fun, if not a little nerve-wracking.  Just a little though ~ I am happy to say, I am getting use to it.

I had to enter this months Tigerprint Competition as I love black and white. I would do everything in black and white if I could (and as I write this I am thinking..well, why not!). Working with color is working out of my comfort zone!

Surface pattern design, artistically afflicted

I believe these competitions are a healthy way to get the creative juices flowing. They can help you to push past your limits, try new design ideas, experiment with motifs and colors you may not normally use, learn new digital tricks – anything to get your work to stand out in the crowd!

Competitions can also be a little bit discouraging! There were hundreds,600 or so, of entries for this one. These competitions make you realize just how many talented designers/artists are out there playing the same game.While I have not won- yet:)- I am hopeful that one day, my time will come. My design will be the right one at the right time. Until then I will continue to push along and dream. It’s all part of the dream.

You can check all the entries out here because, really, they were all very well done. Beware, it’s alot of black and white and you may start to see double after the first or second page.

And the winner is ~ tada~

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog

Louise Harrison of Loulalo. Absolutely love her take on stripes. Swoon…

We were very fortunate to have quite a few of our surface pattern design students in the top 25. I have to be honest, it is kind of fun to live vicariously through their victories.It is very inspiring to get a sneak peek into their process from start to finish. Their excitement and enthusiasm is felt widespread throughout our little community.

Here is their work~

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog

Runner up ~ Alik Arzoumanian

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog, emily ann studio

Runner up ~ Emily Ann Truong of Emily Ann Studio

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog, patternjots studio

Maike Thoma  of Patternjots

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog, pattern addict

Gill Eggleston of Pattern Addict

surface pattern design, artistically afflicted blog

Jennie Louise Whitham of JLWillustration

Up next ~hand drawn typography. I am very excited about this one as I have been meaning to explore it in more depth. I love to art journal and it adds the perfect personal touch to a page. I am also curious to see how it translates from my scanner to the digital world. More information can be found here on the Tigerprint Competitions blog

Enjoy the rest of your week. The snow is already flying here and slowly creeping own the mountain and into the valley.

4 thoughts on “Inspired by…a little friendly competition.

    • Julie- hi! Thanks for the comment. I have been busy with all this surface pattern design learning that I haven’t had time to enjoy reading the many blogs I have bookmarked. I will pop by yours for a visit today. Hope all is great with you! Julie

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