Inspired by….a simple black sharpie

I am thinking that I may be in need of a Sharpie sponsorship…..

doodle, black and white, illustration, flowers,sharpie

I am not asking for much. Just black…in fine, extra fine and ultra fine….

doodle, black and white, illustration, flowers,sharpie

I have all the colors of the rainbow…including the glamour girl line (I am a sucker…), but it seems that every week I have to hop in the car and drive to the local office supply store and buy another black.

repeat pattern, hand drawn, sharpie markers

Have you checked out the Sharpie site? You should! They have a community forum, blog and lots of product info.The gallery is quite impressive.I am amazed at the surfaces people use sharpies to write, draw and paint on.

sharpie markers, ace hotel, wallpaper

Some work by Timothy Goodman at the Ace Hotel…swoon…

Now take a look at what Donna from White Wolf Studio has done with her Sharpies….ta~da!.

converse shoes, painted, sharpie

I have a feeling the Glamour Girl Sharpies will be put to use very soon!

12 thoughts on “Inspired by….a simple black sharpie

  1. Lovin’ this blog post Julie!! I JUST bought a pack of multi-color fine ones, as well as some black ones for this ABSPD big doodle project (which I have yet to start!!). Love seeing your wonderful work!!

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  3. i love your black & white flowers…it might be your signature style! Rowland is attempting to recreate the birds…

  4. I love Deb’s idea about a month in black & white. 🙂 I so believe that the three of us were cut from the same cloth in a past life. I love my sharpies and flower doodling has been a part of my life for decades. Love this. By the way, I love what you are doing with what you are learning in the surface pattern design class.

  5. Your Sharpie drawings are awesome! i love that they are in black only. Color is great, but i think we look at LINES more when it’s in black only – especially for this type of an illustration. That photo of the hotel room – wow. Amazing. i love it. Yeah, Sharpies ROCK! xoxo

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