Inspired by… a creative color challenge

Just a quick post to share my creative color challenge piece for this month. I am loving these challenges and only wish that this challenge was more often.

I love playing around with color~ more so when I am being told what colors to use.

Sometimes I find it easier to concentrate on design rather than fighting with all the possibility that color can offer. It is easy to lose your direction

This months color ~ pretty in pink.

louise gale, spd, art,

My lite version…

spd, surface pattern design, photoshop,

And only because I can so easily change this digitally…my dark version..

spd, surface pattern design, photoshop

In the real world it is much more time consuming to pull off two pieces of art. Digitally…a whole lot easier. I could have played all day with this.

You knew it was coming…I did three! I just cant help myself these days…

spd, surface pattern design, photoshop, daisies

Anyhow, it’s quite obvious,  I really enjoyed the process. I find it so interesting how different colors speak to us. I am loving the ease at which you can add color to digital art and amazed at how a darker colorway or even a slight change in placement can make such a difference.

If you are interested in playing along in Louise Gales monthly color challenge then drop on by. She has created a great community of people participating in all mediums. I was delighted to find out that Louise is also a  fellow ABSPD student with me.I am looking forward to seeing how she combines her handmade and digital worlds. Guaranteed to be great!

I am loving how this big, whole cyber world just gets smaller everyday:).


8 thoughts on “Inspired by… a creative color challenge

    • I am looking forward to tomorrow when I dont have as much to do so I can go through everyones work! They looked so nice together all lined up in their linky rows! Thanks for dropping by.

  1. Julie, this is FABULOUS!! Your color choices are great (or Louise’s color choices) 😉
    You’ve illustrated one of the basic lessons in graphic design – how color can be used to attract the eye to specific parts of a painting (or pattern!). Unlike what some people may think, the brightest color isn’t always the first color we see. As in your wonderful samples here, in the 1st one, we see the big flowered circles first (the pink and purple ones) whereas in the 2nd sample, we notice the pink dots in the background first. These are all great… i LOVE the last one. Thanks for sharing. You’ve been creating like a mad woman. Love your posts… xoxo

    • Thanks Pauline! You made me laugh as I had to go back and take a look at what you were describing. I hadnt even thought about the dots…they just kind of made there way in there. As always…so much to learn:)

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