Inspired by…surface pattern everywhere!

My head is in the clouds these days. I am very deep into my Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course (module 1)  and loving every minute of it. Designing stationary,logos, womans clothing.. even small,smiling creatures ~ there is a need for surface pattern design everywhere. I am so overwhelmed by it all, but in such a good way.

Photoshop, surface pattern design,daisy, flowers

I love learning. If I can teach my children one thing ~ it is to never stop being fascinated. Never give up the enthusiasm for newness, for the unknown.

I have been so impressed with the ABSPD course to date. It is jammed packed with all sorts of goodness. I find inspiration in it everyday. It has also allowed me the opportunity to meet a whole new crew of like-minded individuals, all willing to share, support…and commisserate when the going gets tough. That makes me very happy…

Illustration, sketch, surface pattern design

I have spent the past couple of weeks concentrating on the digital aspect of design. It is a creative facet I have played around with, mostly for photography. It fascinates me…and infuriates me. Hence, my blog neglect. I can only spend so many hours a day on the computer. I have actually had to start wearing my glasses!
I laughed when I caught a glance of my study sheet the other day…full of doodles, mind wandering….
Slight ADD perhaps..or maybe I should say AA.
cheap sheet, Illustrator, doodle. Where my mind is at..

I should be vacuuming. Why is the dog looking at me that way? What am I doing this all for? Coffeee…I need an assistant …who knows Illustrator!What should I make for dinner?Bang head on counter. I just want to paint. If I draw one more daisy…

daisy, sketch, doodle, illustration

The digital aspect has added a whole new load of possibility to my artwork. Nothing like having to choose from a thousand different shades of blue. I almost miss painting and my limited knowledge of color mixing.

digital, photoshop, surface pattern design, daisy I am also loving the opportunity to add my very own handwork to the digital world.All of my sewing, stamping, sticking and spraying has served me well. All of it can be scanned and added in some dimension. My hand painted dragonfly with a collaged background….what color would you like it in? This one needs more texture, but no problem. Will add it in later (when I learn how:). Lots of possibility in the digital world….

Photoshop, surface pattern design, dragonfly, artwork

My fav to date though….sketching. I forgot how much I loved sitting down, pen in hand, going for it. So much freedom. I am always a bit hesitant with paintbrush in hand, but give me some ink and ahh…I can just let it all roll.

flower sketch, illustration, surface pattern design
Have found lots of goodness lately that I would like to share ~

First off. Monica Lee and her smart creative women series.Twice weekly interviews of, well, smart, creative women. Awesome. I love listening to her interviews. Making dinner has never been so inspiring. She also makes me laugh.

Secondly… Lynda Weinman and her software tutorial site This site is chock-a-block full of tutorials geared towards the digital world. Photoshop, Illustrator, Aperature…endless learning opportunities. The beauty of this site though is that they charge you a  minimal monthly fee for unlimited usage. I like a good deal and this is definitely one!

Very busy, but  a great couple of weeks. Spring has sprung, the days are long and life is busy. School is out in a month! The time to get all of this done is…NOW!

I will try to blog, but if you don’t hear from me, send me a quick hello on my facebook page. A quick hello and a smile, always makes me happy. Comment with your fan page so I can like you….if I havent already. I am loving having all of my creative connections in one place. I like to know what you are up to at all times!

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Inspired by…surface pattern everywhere!

  1. Love the Illustrator notes… took me back (and I never mastered it. Would rather have a pen, brush or pencil in my hand). AND – we knew about Lynda, too!

    I felt the same way during my surface design study. Can feel your excitement all the way down here! 🙂

  2. I still love ducking in here for a weekly read x I don’t always get time to comment, but I just love listening to your voice in my mind even after I’ve finished reading (o: I love your spirit, your enthusiasm, your talent, and your open heart. Loving your new work and pattern designs too!

    Wishing you a beautiful sunny spring weekend. We have rain, grey, cold, wind and dullness so it’s been lovely to brighten my morning with your colourful designs, thank-you xxx

  3. Hey Julie! This is from the course! 🙂 I was actually wanting to browse sites on SPD and chanced upon yours & recognized immediately. How lovely to read. I love your drawings and your spirit! I plan to start a blog soon! Will leave a msg on flickr when I do :). Goodluck my dear and keep shining! You will do amazing. All the best. See you around.

    • Thanks so much dropping by! Please do leave me a comment when you get your blog up and running…I love to read about everyones process. Have a good weekend!

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